Administrative Directory

Name Position Phone Number
Chief Operations Officer 757-898-0466
Records Manager 757-898-0314
Assoc. Director for Capital Plans 757-898-0499

Community & Public Relations

Public Relations & Communications Officer 757-898-0391
Secretary - Community & Public Relations 757-234-8910

Information Technology

Director of Information Technology 757-898-0430
Secretary - Information Technology 757-898-0302
Manager of Enterprise Support & Network Services 757-898-0429
Manager of Applications Support 757-898-0431
Manager of System Administration 757-898-6675
Manager of System Architecture & Implementation 757-890-2473


Assoc. Dir. of Maintenance & Facilities Support 757-890-1004
Secretary - Maintenance & Facilities Support 757-898-0340

School Administration

Director of School Administration 757-833-2182
Secretary - School Administration 757-898-0492
Secretary - School Administration 757-898-0306
Assoc. Director of School Administration 757-898-0468
Assoc. Director of School Administration & Compliance 757-833-2202
Coord. of Enrollment & Attendance/
Foster Care Liaison
Community Resources Coordinator/
McKinney-Vento Liaison
Coordinator of Health Services 757-234-8905


Assoc. Dir. of Transportation & Warehouse Operations 757-898-0476
Secretary - Transportation & Warehouse Operations 757-898-8902
Name Position Phone Number
Chief Human Resources Officer 757-898-0349
Secretary - Human Resources 757-898-0392
Associate Director of Human Resources 757-833-2235
Licensure Specialist 757-833-2214
Compensation Program Specialist 757-890-1046
Senior Personnel Specialist 757-898-0495
Personnel Specialist 757-898-0472
Benefits Program Specialist 757-898-0483
Personnel Specialist 757-898-0441
Personnel Technician 757-890-2470
Name Position Phone Number
Chief Financial Officer 757-898-0449
Budget and Financial Supervisor 757-890-2466
Payroll Supervisor 757-898-0444
Accounting Supervisor 757-898-0448
Name Position Phone Number
Chief Academic Officer 757-898-0366

Academic Services

Assoc. Director for K-12 Academic Services 757-898-0452

Educational Technology

Assoc. Director of Educational Technology and Innovation 757-898-0436

Elementary Instruction

Director of Elementary Instruction 757-898-0450
Secretary - Elementary Instruction 757-898-0462

Secondary Instruction

Director of Secondary Instruction 757-898-0409
Secretary - Secondary Instruction 757-833-2215

Student Services

Director of Student Services 757-898-0455
Secretary - Student Services 757-898-0308
Associate Director of Student Services 757-898-0477

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