York County School Division

COVID-19 Case Status Dashboard

The York County School Division developed a COVID-19 Case Status Dashboard to provide information regarding the impact of COVID-19 since the division resumed in-person instruction and student activities. With all school campuses now providing either in-person instruction and/or onsite student activities, the division has expanded the COVID-19 Dashboard to include information for each school. This information is updated Monday through Friday by 5 p.m.

What the data reflects:

Positive Cases – students or staff members who are in isolation for 10 days due to a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 from a medical professional (suspected or “COVID-like” illnesses are not included) AND are learning or working onsite.

Quarantine For the 2021-22 school year, all students and staff identified as close contacts of someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 must follow YCSD quarantine procedures, unless proof of full vaccination can be provided to our school nurse. People are considered fully vaccinated 2 weeks after their second dose. Students and staff members who are not fully vaccinated will need to stay at home for either 10 days with no symptoms or stay at home for 7 days with no symptoms AND a negative test result dated Day 5 of quarantine or later. View the YCSD Close Contact Quarantine Timeline.

(Members of a household in which a case-positive individual is isolated may be required to quarantine longer if complete separation cannot be achieved.)

What the data does not reflect:

Individuals who are absent from work or home due to other illnesses or who, for personal reasons, have elected to remain at home as a precautionary measure when they have not been officially identified as a close contact. (Prior to 11/9/20, this report did include some individuals who reported a quarantine status while test reults were pending, but have since been determined to received an alternate diagnosis or negative test result.)

Reporting and Response Protocol:

Division staff have identified procedure and actions to respond to reports of positive COVID-19 diagnoses of students or staff members when an individual is participating in a division program, activity, or workplace.

Privacy Commitment

Each individual's health information is a private matter. No one should publicly declare another employee or student as sick. The division has protocols for notifying families and/or staff of positive case of COVID-19 to ensure they receive accurate information and instructions. To protect individual privacy, notifications will not identify anyone by name or contain information that could be used to identify them.

COVID-19 Case Dashboard

Disclaimer: All data reported in the YCSD COVID-19 Dashboard is based on the date the division receives notification of a confirmed case or a staff/student entering quarantine due to community exposure. (e.g. an individual receives diagnosis on Friday (9/3/2021) but reports the diagnosis to the division on Monday (9/6/2021), the dashboard is updated Monday with the new case but the date of the active case is reflected on Friday's date)

How To Use

  • Filter by School/Building: Select a school/building to see cases per school or location. You may select more than one to see combined results.
  • Filter by Date: Use the slider to select a date range or enter in a specific date range.
  • Filter by Type: Use the squares on the left side for all cases per school level. You may select more than one to see combined results. Click on the square again to deselect.
  • Click on the bar graph to see which schools reported cases on a particular day.
  • Sort by clicking on the column headers (building, model, active cases, positive cases, quarantine school exposure, quarantine community exposure) on the right side list.
  • Click RESET VISUALS to refresh the data.
  • Click on the arrows at the bottom to toggle between the two dashboards.

For mobile devices, open the dashboard in a separate window (rotate landscape)