Highly Effective Talent

Attract and retain highly skilled, compassionate, diverse, and committed team members by providing personalized and differentiated pathways for professional growth, improvement, and advancement.

Areas of Focus

Compensation Package: The combination of salaries and various benefits, such as insurance, leave, retirement plans and career advancement opportunities, offered to employees.

Recruitment: An intentional approach to attracting a targeted number of qualified applicants, selecting the candidate best fit for the position, offering them employment and onboarding the new employee.

Retention: Preserving the integrity of the workforce through approaches to reduce employee turnover rates.

Professional Growth: A deliberate and personalized approach to the development of individual skills, traits and competencies, which supports furthering team member's professional goals as well as the division's needs.

Theory of Action

If we provide competitive pay and benefits, attract the most effective talent, continue to employ a skilled and compassionate workforce while providing opportunities for growth and advancement, then we will be positioned to continue supporting high-quality learning experiences leading to student success.

Why this is Important

  • National teacher shortages are expected to exceed 100,000 each year beyond 2019 (Sutcher, Darling-Hammond, & Carver-Thomas, 2019).
  • Employee compensation and fringe benefits increase employee job satisfaction and reduce employee turnover (Dale-Olsen, 2006).
  • Teachers are more satisfied and plan to stay longer in schools that have a positive work context, independent of the school's demographic characteristics (Johnson, Kraft, & Papay, 2012).
  • If a student has a high performing teacher for just one year, the student will remain ahead of peers for up to three years. If a student has an ineffective teacher, without remediation, the influence on achievement will extend up to three years (Grant, Stronge, & Popp, 2008).

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Licensed Salary Scale Regional Ranking

Health Benefits Package Regional Ranking

Lateral Employment Moves Regional Comparison

5-year Employment Retention Statistics

Staff Working Conditions Survey Results

Year One Strategies (FY23)

Convene a workgroup to review the staff compensation package, to include health, dental, and fringe benefits, across the comparator market and make recommendations.

YCSD will enhance its recruitment program to effectively staff schools and departments. This will include the implementation of a comprehensive Human Resource Management System (HRMS) that will improve the efficacy of hiring managers to recruit and hire highly skilled and diverse staff.

Use the Working Conditions Survey results and the Personnel Exit Collection data to develop site-based and targeted plans designed to improve employee satisfaction and commitment.

Establish a stakeholder process to define and develop professional growth strategies for each employee work group.

Year Two Strategies (FY24)

Improve recruiting and hiring processes through effective use of the comprehensive HR management system.

Develop a comprehensive recruiting plan, to include a marketing video, website presence, and marketing materials.

Expand employees’ growth opportunities and fill vacancies through intentional Professional Development opportunities targeting staff advancement.

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