Collective Commitment

Students, staff, families and community members are invested in student outcomes and actively engaged in meaningful, collaborative relationships to support student success.

Areas of Focus

Communication: The practice of using multiple methods to share and receive information with internal and external stakeholders in a timely, clear, open, and consistent manner.

Outreach: Team members take ownership of identifying the needs of those they serve and seek the appropriate individuals, organizations, or businesses to support those needs.

Engagement: An intentional approach to ensuring families, students, team members and community members have a voice, and believe their feedback, input and participation is meaningful and valued.

Theory of Action

If we maintain open, honest and timely two-way communication with our team members, families, students, and community, take steps to partner with those who can support the needs of our students and schools, and ensure the voice of stakeholders is heard and used in decision-making, then we will have a community invested and engaged to support student success.

Why this is Important

The division must be intentional in how, when and why we communicate with team members, families and students to ensure our messages are not lost in the communication overload of a digitally connected society.

  • Good communication increases family engagement, which in turn helps prepare students to enter school, promote student success, and prepare youth for their post-graduation future (Harvard GSE, 2022).
  • Community partnerships provide opportunities to integrate resources and services, which strengthen school programs, support student learning and student development (Johns Hopkins University, 2022).
  • Investing in education builds a strong foundation for economic success and shared prosperity (Berger and Fisher, 2013).

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

School Volunteer Data

Engagement Events/Activities

Partnership Data

Let's Talk - AskYCSD Data

Division and School-level Social Media Data

Year One Strategies (FY23)

Perform a thorough review of current practices for gathering and evaluating student, staff, family, and community voice.

Create a Comprehensive Communications Plan to provide a clear and concise framework for communicating with internal and external stakeholders to increase knowledge and interest in the division.

Conduct comprehensive needs assessment at every school to identify areas, which could benefit from community partnerships, volunteers and organized family programs. Develop partnership criteria and expectations.

Create a work group to develop a matrix that outlines student, staff and family roles and expectations to support student success.

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