Enrollment FAQs

How old does my child need to be to enter kindergarten?
Students must be 5 years old by September 30 to enter school. If your child turns 5 after September 30, they are not eligible for kindergarten until the following year.

Which school will my child attend?
The York County School Division is divided into four middle and high school zones and 10 elementary school zones. To determine which school your child will attend, zoning maps are available; however, the best way to search is through York County's mapping service. After inputting a York County address, school attendance zones will be listed along with additional property information. To ensure guaranteed zoning information, please complete this online form. Before buying or renting a home in York County, please be advised that attendance zones may be modified to address school capacity issues.

How do I register my child for school?
Registration of new students is completed through your child's new school. Parents can start the registration process by completing a pre-registration online form before you visit the school office. Specific documents must be presented in person prior to the completion of registration. For more information, visit our enrollment policy.

What special programs or services are available to my child?
Several special programs are available to students who attend YCSD schools. The division has two elementary magnet schools, two secondary school fine arts programs, International Baccalaureate program at high school and a gifted education program. The division also provides federally mandated special education services to identified students. Visit our "Specialty Programs" pages for additional information.

What time does my child's school start?
For a complete listing of school start times, visit our school schedule.

Does YCSD offer before and after-school child care?
A before and after-school child care program is available at each of the division's elementary schools through an independent contractor. Hours, program offerings, policies and costs are determined by the child care provider, not the York County School Division. For more information, visit their web pages.

Where can I learn more about the YCSD curriculum?
The YCSD curriculum is based on state Standards of Learning that mandate the teaching of core areas of instruction at specific grade levels. The curriculum is available for parent review and is updated as state standards are modified.

What are the Non-Resident Tuition Rates?

Tuition Rate for student included in State ADM Count: $7,081

Tuition Rate for student not included in State ADM Count: $12,594

This rate applies to a non-resident student who is not enrolled at the time of the State ADM count on March 31, 2024 (the student enrolls on or after April 1, 2024).

School of the Arts Tuition: $2,799

Non-Resident Employee's Child (children of non-resident employee of the York County School Division):

  • Full-time staff member employed by the York County School Division will not be charged tuition.

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