Enrollment Policy

Students must register at the school they are zoned to attend before beginning classes. School locations and hours may be found on each school's website.

A parent/guardian or other adult having custody of a student must provide two documented proofs of residence in York County. The Code of Virginia § 22.1-264.1 states that a parent or guardian can be charged with a Class 4 misdemeanor for knowingly making a false statement concerning the residency of a child in a particular school division or school attendance zone if the purpose is to avoid tuition or to enroll the student in a school outside the attendance zone in which the student resides.

  1. Any student entering the York County School Division for the first time is required to provide:

    1. Proof of birth (original Birth Certificate or for non-US citizens, other substantiating documents)

    2. Documentation of a comprehensive physical examination is required before entry to prekindergarten and elementary school (Code of Virginia, § 22.1-270). The physical must be completed no earlier than one (1) calendar year before entry to public pre-kindergarten, kindergarten or elementary school. The physical exam must be performed by a licensed physician, a licensed nurse practitioner or licensed physician assistant acting under the supervision of a license physician.

      A School Entrance Physical and Immunization Form (MCH 213 G revised 10/2010) may be obtained from any YCSD school, the Peninsula Health Department, any family practice medical office, military medical clinic, or the VDOE website.

    3. Documented proof of adequate immunization with the prescribed number of doses of each vaccine as required by Virginia law. Listed below are the minimum acceptable immunization levels:

      1. Four (4) doses of DTP or DTaP for all new children enrolling (kindergarten through 12th grade) (one of the four (4) must have been administered on/after the 4th birthday)
      2. Four (4) doses of Polio (OPV/IPV) for all new children enrolling (kindergarten through 12th grade) (one (1) of the four (4) must have been administered on/after the 4th birthday). Note: The fourth dose is not necessary if the third dose is administered at 4 years of age or older and at least six (6) months following previous dose.
      3. Two (2) doses of Measles (first dose on/after 12 months of age). (see note below)
      4. One (1) dose of Mumps (first dose on/after 12 months of age). (see note below)
      5. Two (2) doses Mumps (first dose on/after 12 mos. of age). (see note below)
      6. Three (3) doses of Hepatitis B vaccine (two (2) doses of Merck adult formulation if given between 11-15 years of age).
      7. Two (2) doses of Varicella to susceptible students (first dose on/after 12 months of age; second dose prior to entering kindergarten).
      8. Beginning July 1, 2019, all rising 7th graders are required to have a dose of Tdap regardless of the interval since the last dose of tetanus-containing vaccine. If there is documentation of receipt of a dose of Tdap prior to 7th grade, another dose is not necessary. All new students entering 7th through 12th grade will be required to have received one (1) dose of Tdap.

        Note: Measles, Mumps, Rubella requirements also met with 2 MMR - first dose on/after 12 months of age; second dose prior to entering kindergarten.

        A child whose immunizations are incomplete may be admitted conditionally, as specified in the Code of Virginia § 22.1-271.2.B, provided the parent or guardian has documentation at the time of enrollment indicating that the child has received at least one dose of the required immunizations and has a written schedule for completing the remaining doses within 90 calendar days of enrollment. If the parent has not provided the required documentation by the end of the 90th day, the student will be withdrawn. The 90-day grace period does not apply to the Tdap booster requirement because Tdap is a single dose vaccine, not a series.

    4. Exemptions for physicals and immunizations:

      1. A medical exemption is a physician's written statement that immunizations would be detrimental to the child's health at that time and future immunization compliance is planned.

      2. A religious exemption is a parent signed and notarized document entitled "Certificate of Religious Exemptions," Form CRE-1.

    5. Documented proof that parent or other adult having custody of the child is a resident of York County. Documents that verify York County residency include utility company statement, bank statement, auto/homeowner/rental insurance policy, rental contract or rent receipt, notarized letter from homeowner, property tax bill, mortgage verification, close of escrow. Two (2) of the listed documents are required as specified on the Parent Information Form-Residence Verification. Any person who knowingly makes a false statement concerning the residency of a child, as determined by § 22.1-3 of the Code of Virginia, in a particular school division or school attendance zone, for the purposes of (i) avoiding the tuition charges authorized by § 22.1-5 or (ii) enrollment in a school outside the attendance zone in which the student resides, may be guilty of a Class 4 misdemeanor and shall be liable to the school division in which the child was enrolled as a result of such false statements for tuition charges, pursuant to § 22.1-5, for the time the student was enrolled in such school division.

    6. Students identified as homeless will be admitted into YCSD in accordance with the provisions of the McKinney-Vento Act of 2001. Assistance in obtaining registration documents will be provided.

    7. Students who are visiting the United States through a sponsoring exchange agency may be admitted to York County schools with the appropriate paperwork. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security requires that other foreign students who wish to attend school in the United States must be registered with Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Please contact the Department of School Administration (757-833-7001) for specific information.

    8. Pursuant to the Code of Virginia § 22.1-3.4, a student who has been placed in foster care by a local social services agency shall be immediately enrolled, even if the placing social services agency is unable to produce the documents required for enrollment. In such cases, the person enrolling the student shall provide a written statement that, to the best of his/her knowledge, sets forth (i) the student's age; (ii) compliance with the requirements of § 22.1-3.2 of the Code (student's school status); and (iii) that the student is in good health and is free from communicable or contagious disease.

    9. On July 1, 2009, Virginia entered into the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children (§ 22.1-360 of the Code). This compact facilitates the timely enrollment of children of military families and ensures that they are not placed at a disadvantage due to difficulty in the transfer of education records from the previous school district(s) or variations in entrance requirements. According to the compact, children of military families, without documentation of immunizations, should be immediately enrolled and shall have up to 30 days from the date of enrollment to obtain any immunization(s) required by the receiving state. The compact does not waive the physical examination requirement for these children

    10. Students entering kindergarten must have reached their 5th birthday on or before September 30th of the year in which they enroll

    11. Affidavit of Prior School Expulsions, § 22.1-3.2 of the Code of Virginia requires, upon registration, a sworn statement or affirmation indicating whether the student has been expelled from school attendance at a private or public school for an offense relating to weapons, alcohol or drugs, or for the willful infliction of injury to another person.

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