Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan reflects the commitment of the school board and our administration, faculty and staff to the continued growth, development and improvement of the York County School Division. The current plan was developed throughout the 2012-13 school year in a process that involved a community survey, community forums, and School Board Work Sessions. After gaining stakeholder feedback, the School Board first identified the Mission, Goals and Beliefs for the school division. The next step was to develop objectives and benchmarks to address each strategic goal area. In March 2013, the School Board approved the long-range Strategic Plan.

Although the Strategic Plan outlines specific focus areas with identified action steps, benchmarks, and target deadlines, the plan does not necessarily cover all the activities and initiatives that the division will engage in over the next five years. Progress of the plan's objectives will be carefully tracked and reported to the school board and community regularly through our Strategic Plan Status Update.

FY13-17 Strategic Plan

FY18-22 Strategic Plan

Development Process

The York County School Division Strategic Plan serves as a guide for the School Board and division administration to chart the path for the future success of York County's public schools. Through this plan, the School Board sets the division’s priorities for the next five years as well as the strategies and benchmarks staff will use to assess our progress in meeting these goals.

During the 2016-17 school year, the School Board and division staff will lead the efforts to update and develop a strategic plan for fiscal years FY18 through FY22. This process will include the board involvement of staff, parents and community members.

Once completed, the YCSD Strategic Plan will include the division’s goals and objectives, supported by action steps and measures of success that will be reviewed and evaluated annually by division staff and the School Board.

Planning: November 2016 - May 2017

Phase 1 (November-January): Assess the Environment

Conduct variety of stakeholder sessions to establish key priorities of focus for the next five years by identifying internal and external factors the division will or may face and review existing objectives and strategies.

Phase 2 (January-February): Frame the Opportunities

Analyze assessment results, collectively identify key strategic themes, opportunities, and priorities to report to the School Board.

Phase 3 (February - April): Identify Objectives, Action Steps, and Resources

Identify objectives for each goal, supporting action steps, and required resources; synthesize objectives across the teams to optimize practicality and minimize any duplication; obtain input from stakeholders including the Board.

Phase 4 (May - June): Finalize Plan and Get Ready

Edit, finalize, and approve strategic plan; develop tracking tool to monitor implementation.

Implementation: July 2017 - June 2022

Strategic Plan Development Report

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