York High School - Class of 2017

Kevin Babu
Kevin Babu
About the Valedictorian

Kevin Babu

  1. Age: 18
  2. Parents: Mr. Samuel Babu and Dr. Rachel Paul Jeyadhas
  3. GPA: 4.87
  4. High School Extracurricular activities: Drum major of the YHS Marching Band, Tri-M Music Honor Society, Mission trips to West Africa with Liberty Baptist Church in July 2016/2017, York County Youth Commission, 2016 VA Boys State, Scholastic Bowl Captain, Catalyst Christian Club, Model UN, Red Cross Club
  5. Community Involvement: Childcare volunteer at Liberty Baptist Church, volunteer in the transportation department at Riverside Regional Medical Center, organized food drive at YHS in March 2016 collecting 699 pounds of nonperishable items for the Peninsula FoodBank
  6. College attending: Virginia Commonwealth University
  7. Studying/Major: Chemistry
  8. Name one thing you learned in high school that you didn't expect to learn: How to successfully start and finish a paper the night before it's due
  9. Name one person who has influenced you and why: My parents, whose love and support from the start have brought me to where I am today. They instilled in me the importance of education and have motivated me to work my hardest in school and in life.
  10. Is there a teacher you would most like to thank and why: Two immediately come to mind: Mr. Purvis, for helping me grow as a musician and as a person, and for the countless wonderful experiences that I have had through band. Mr. Conrad, for not only being a great teacher and always approachable, but also for everything he does for his students outside of the classroom.
  11. Favorite quote or catchphrase: "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. - Wayne Gretzky" - Michael Scott
  12. Most cherished high school memory: Leading the homecoming parade with the marching band.
Brennan Chaloux
Brennan Chaloux
About the Valedictorian

Brennan Chaloux

  1. Age: 18
  2. Parents: Ken and Joelle Chaloux
  3. GPA: 4.83
  4. High School Extracurricular activities: Fifes and Drums of Yorktown, Track and Field, Odyssey of the Mind, SCA Secretary, Church Youth Group, Boy Scouts, National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society.
  5. Community Involvement: Volunteering at CHKD, Fifes and Drums of Yorktown, Boy Scout Eagle Project, National Honor Society tutoring chair
  6. College attending: Virginia Commonwealth University
  7. Studying/Major: Biomedical Engineering and Chemistry
  8. Name one thing you learned in high school that you didn't expect to learn: I learned how much school is not everything in life. Despite the fact I spend 7 hours a day there, and takes up a lot of my after school time, it does not control everything I am. It is one part of many that make up me.
  9. Name one person who has influenced you and why: My father influenced me a lot throughout high school. He taught me the values of self-sacrifice and that everything is not about me. He taught me the values about a life of purpose, and set me on the path I am going on right now.
  10. Is there a teacher you would most like to thank and why: I would like to thank Mrs. Eckstein. Through her class, I realized what I really wanted to do with my life. She convinced me just through teaching that Chemistry is something I want to devote my life to, and that I am really good at it as well.
  11. Favorite quote or catchphrase: Forrest Gump, "I don't know if we have a destiny, or if we're all just floatin' around accidental-like on a breeze, but I, I think it's maybe both. Maybe both is happenin' at the same time."
  12. Most cherished high school memory: I remember being one of the last freshman who stayed till the very end putting up our homecoming wall. That wall became one of my proudest accomplishments, and every year since then, I had a large part in producing our class's homecoming wall. Every time we cheered for a complete wall, I felt as if it was my wall, and it made me feel so happy, being a part of something that everyone enjoyed.
Chun Lu
Chun Lu
About the Salutatorian

Chun Lu

  1. Age: 18
  2. Parents: Xu Gan Lu, Yue Yun Lu
  3. GPA: 4.8
  4. High School Extracurricular activities: YHS Red Cross Club, Spanish National Honor Society, National Honor Society, Asian American Association, YHS JV/Varsity Soccer
  5. Community Involvement: Peninsula SPCA, Habitat for Humanity ReStore Williamsburg
  6. College attending: University of Virginia
  7. Studying/Major: Information Technology/Finance
  8. Name one thing you learned in high school that you didn't expect to learn: I've learned to make meaningful friendships and relationships with the people around me.
  9. Name one person who has influenced you and why: I would like to thank my brother being an inspiration in my academic pursuits, as well as pushing me to do the best in everything I do.
  10. Is there a teacher you would most like to thank and why: I would like to thank Mr. Justin Roche for bringing the best out of his students and loving what he does.
  11. Favorite quote or catchphrase: "Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance." - Confucius
  12. Most cherished high school memory: I loved the memories the IB Class of 2017 has spent together and created over the last 4 years of high school.

June 16, 2017
12:00 p.m.

The College of William & Mary
Kaplan Arena
751 Ukrop Way
Williamsburg, VA

Directions to Kaplan Arena

Total Number of Students: 1,049

Total Number of Graduates: 251

Number of Students Awarded Scholarships: 68

Total Amount of Scholarships: $4,693,216

List of Scholarships: View

Post-Secondary Profile:
4 year college: 48%
2 year college: 33%
Workforce/Vocational: 12%
Military: 6.5%
Other: 0.5%

Top 10 Colleges: Christopher Newport University, College of William and Mary, George Mason University, James Madison University, Longwood University, Old Dominion University, Thomas Nelson Community College, University of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Senior Class Officers:
President - Elizabeth Irwin
Vice President - Jacob Reimers
Secretary - Brennan Chaloux
Treasurer - Alexander Hall
Historian - Hans Kuppers


Samira Azezah Abouhamid
Joshua Michael Akers
Christina Pauline Angel
Hanna Faith Angel
Kameron William Ashe
Kevin Matthew Babu
Jacob Eugene Baker
Paul-Xedrix Macaraeg Barbeyto
Leah Rose Beaver
Mark Anthony Benjamin
Sarah Benothmane
Kathleen Margaret Berry
Miqueias Paes Bezerra
Lauren Rileigh Boesch
Jaha Alexis Gladys Bonds
Jayla Aontia Bradsby
Zoe Olivia Brandt
Sawyer Wyatt Brantley
Tonasia Jelani Brown
Rachel Rebekah Brownell
Liamarie Buccellato
Walter Glen Buck
Rain Elizabeth-Marcelle Burleson
Jonah Chung Bywater
Edward Alexander Cabral
Ian Andrew Carey
Zion Kristine Cary
Johanne Marie Dominique Casanova
Shawn Cameron Cash
Brennan Thomas Chaloux
Avery Danielle Charnock
Tsang Yueh Chen
Yejin Choi
Thomas Anthony Ciccone III
Melina Victoria Cienski
Anthony Brian Clark
Cameron Mackenzie Clements
Hannah Rae Cole
Alyssa Anne Costello
Mikael Edna Cottrell
Mark Thomas Crate
Clyde Vashawn Crocker
Samantha Michelle Croswell
David Ryan Cunningham
Jacob Austin-Kenneth Dahl
Kirsten Minnie Davis
Katherine Celene Dawson
Victoria Maria Deagle
James Michael Dianna
Aaron Michael Diaz
James Ira DiSpirito
Charity LaShae' Dixon
Charles Richard Downey IV
Michael Serge Duesbery II
John Mark Duffer
Ranson Richard Dunn
Cody William Dye
Taylor Lyn Dziechciarz
Alyssa Simone Earland
Megan Elizabeth Eckstein
Joseph Bruce Elswick
Chelsea Renae Evans
Merissa Che Evans
Tanya Faktes
Ashlyn Danielle Faust
Markia Keara Fields
Airiel LeaDawn Firth-Speigner
Nydia Alexandra Flores-Moya
Michael James Fochtman
Rachel Elyse Fowler
Winter Reid Galyon
Alison Kathleen Garrelts
Moustafa Walid Moustafa Ghanem
Kaylee Nicole Gibson
Ryan Murphy Gilley
Ciara Nicole Gillis
Megan Frances Gingery
Ryan James Grimmett
Stephen Carver Grinnell III
Abby Rose Groetsch
Nicholas Aaron Grubbs
Alexander Kaito Hall
Gabrielle Layton Hall
Mitchell Douglas Hamilton
Kevin Reed Harlow
Parker Jay Harp
McKenna Grace Head
Jessica Lily Heavner
Maria Kay Hedspeth
Zane Hugh Heinz
Laura Catherine Hemler
Alek Thomas Hensberger
Elise Blair Hicks
Ashleigh Grace Hill
J.D. Almir Hill
Traviyon Isaiah Hines
Kylee Clark Hockaday
Stephen Joseph Hodle
Michael James Holliday
Macey Leigh Holt
Jessica Anne Holup
Elaina Frances Homola
Kyla Kaiona Honey
Jarod Daniel Horne
Aniyah Vashe' Hubert
Jasmine Victoria Huggins
Donald William Humes
Austin Lloyd Ingram
Elizabeth Francesca Irwin
Naija Shaimain Jackson
Kelly Joeann Jacoby
Andrei Sergei Johnson
Anya Alexandra Johnson
Hayley Nicole Johnson
Ireland Maria Johnson
Kaitlyn Leigh Jones
Travis Keith Jones
Ryan Edward Jordan
Rachel Becca Kasbohm
Jordyn Paige Keller
Zachary Richard Kent
Madison Olivia Kilgore
John Scott King
William Michael Alexander Kitchen
Kacey Cathleen Knox
Ian Nicholas Konitzer
Alexandra Haylee Krank
James William Krasa II
Brett Charles Krause
Hans Christopher Kuppers IV
Austin Cole Lackey
Danielle Nicole Latulipe
David Hamilton Lee
Sharmayne Tiahna Lee
Deondre O'Maz Lightfoot
Thomas Hix Lopez
Ciara Nicole Loudin
Sara Marie Lowry
Chun Jin Lu
Shawn Nagid Lugo Dealba
Anapatricia Yoko Lugo
Maryssa Danae Loera Madrid
Samuel Micah Steinberg Malmquist
Angelika Anne Marquez
Elissia Mauria Martinez
Kyle Andrew Mastracci
Zachary Taylor Matthews
Taylor Cyrisse Matzgannis-Brewer
Sydney Lee McElveen
Ryan Alexander McGinley
Isaiah Zachary McKinnon
Adam Lucas Meade
Mallory Paige Meitz
Alexander Lawrence Miller
Mason Lee Millner
Shealeigh Nichole Minton
Anna Michelle Moffatt
James Christopher Mollenkamp
Lilian Diehl Monk
Jared Austin Moore
Mikayla Faye Moore
Delany Raeann Morris
Erik Nathaniel Moulton
Megan Augusta Mouring
Madison Haley Mullins
Haider Hassan Nadhem
Grace Joyliz Natoli
Xavier James Nguyen
Nicholas Lee Norman
Emma McClain North
Logan Lee Novotney-Scates
Kira Elizabeth Opalka
Colin Lawrence Ottofaro
Kiara Colette Palmer
Chanyang Park
Noah Ryan-Jude Pascarella
Rayvon Corbin Patrick
Daniel Marcelo Pazmino
Sophia Grace Pereira
Camille Rachelle Perry
Shane Quinn Perucci
Austin Edward Phillips
Sophia Josette Priestley
Brandon Thomas Ramirez
Colton Vincent Reilly
Jacob Henry Reimers
Daniel Alfred Reisch
Christian Eric Reynolds
Emily Coryn McClung Reynolds
Joan Marie Riggins
Fabian Gabriel Rivera Ramos
Kevin Jay Robinson
Christopher Stephen Rockey
Katelyn Renee Root
Emily Jean Rudge
Kathryne Elizabeth Russell
Royel Jermaine-JaCeon Sandiford
Emma Skye Scheidegger
John Richard Scott
Courtney Anne Seifert
Lindsy Maris Sexton
Yekaterina Dmitrievna Shaltayeva
D'Artagnan Robert Willis Shaw
Joseph Holston Shematek
Nicholas James Elgin Shotwell
Andrew Deven Shultz
William Henry Siebels
Avery Todd Simms
Connor O'Brien Simons
Kyle Richard Sislak
Dillon Chandler Smith
Matthew Jefferson Smith
Tyler Alden Smith
Matthew Kalem Snell
Rachel Anne Snyder
Mickey Damrong Sonedara
Joseph Michael Spino
Noelle Elizabeth Spurgeon
Rebecca Louise Staples
Niyala Shaye Steele
Micaela Lynne Taggart
Lauren Elizabeth Tanner
Brooklynn Elise Taylor
Joshua Emmauel Taylor
Alasdair Franklin Thomson
Mason Thomas Torrence
Minh Quang-Quoc Tran
Tylor Xuan Tran
Daniel Hunter Traynor
Hagan Matthew Noble Treacy
Cameron Kristofor Turner
Tyler Wallace Twiggs
Kaytlyn Cierra Tyson
Daniel Ryan Urban
Madison Grace Van Dyke
Hallie Caroline Vestal
Rebekkah J. Warhol
Chastity Cristine Watson
Benjamin Edward Webb
Jeffrey Alexander White
Alexis Mariah Wilkerson
Matthew Tyler Willard
Grace Nozomi Wilson
Hayley Renee Winfree
Austin James Witt
Jacob Christopher Witt
Alan Lee Wyche
Christian David Yi
Alyssa Pearl Young
Colton Chase Young
Julie Lin Zhou

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