Bruton High School - Class of 2017

Elizabeth de Jager
Elizabeth de Jager
About the Valedictorian

Elizabeth de Jager

  1. Age: 18
  2. Parents: Rene and Dana de Jager
  3. GPA: 4.7346
  4. High School Extracurricular activities: Bruton Swim Team, Williamsburg Boat Club, Bruton Debate Team, French Honor Society, National Honor Society
  5. Community involvement: Lifeguard at neighborhood pool, St. Martins Episcopal Church
  6. College attending: College of William and Mary
  7. Studying/Major: International Relations
  8. Name one thing you learned in high school that you didn't expect to learn: I learned that, despite your best efforts, you cannot carbonate milk.
  9. Name one person who has influenced you and why: My parents have been the most influential, especially through my high school years. Their unwavering support for everything I do has been priceless and is something without which I could not have achieved my goals. Their wisdom is boundless and their humor never fails to brighten even my darkest days. They are without a doubt the best parents anyone could have. (no, they did not tell me to write this).
  10. Is there a teacher you would most like to thank and why: I would like to thank Ms. Rene Kingan, my 8th, 9th, and 11th grade Literary Arts teacher at SOA. Her guidance has been invaluable in shaping my skills as a writer and critical thinker. To refer to her as simply my teacher would not only be an incredible understatement but it would also fail to acknowledge the lasting influence she has had on my development as a student and as a person. It would be difficult to find a person whose smile lights up the room as brightly as Ms. Kingan.
  11. Favorite quote or catchphrase: "Life is far too important a thing ever to talk seriously about." - Oscar Wilde
  12. Most cherished high school memory: Some of my most favorite memories from high school have been the snow days YCSD has had during the winter the past few years. There is nothing quite like hearing the phone ring and knowing you will be able to sleep in the next day.
Alessandra Hernandez
Alessandra Hernandez
About the Salutatorian

Alessandra Hernandez

  1. Age: 17
  2. Parents: Christine and Edgar Hernandez
  3. GPA: 4.72
  4. High School Extracurricular activities: Richmond Shakespeare/Henley Street Theatre involvement, York County School of the Arts production involvement (acting, lighting, directing, singing), Bruton theatre (acting), Bruton Panther Achievement Leaders, Historian of George Wythe chapter of NHS, vocal lessons (singing), Bruton varsity swim team, Secretary General of Bruton chapter of Model United Nations
  5. Community involvement: volunteering at National Humane Society, volunteering to feed the homeless, involvement in Newtown United Methodist's Elf's Corner Christmas program for underprivileged children
  6. College attending: Northwestern University
  7. Studying/Major: Theatre (acting and technical), American History
  8. Name one thing you learned in high school that you didn't expect to learn: Things don't always turn out the way you meticulously planned them to turn out, and that is okay. There is more than one way to succeed! Setbacks are not the end of your journey, and as such, resilience is an irreplaceable virtue.
  9. Name one person who has influenced you and why: My mom's continued support of my performance career is the only reason I have any experience or ability today. Freshman year, I had rehearsal every day in Richmond (we live in Williamsburg!), often until the wee hours of the morning. My mom drove me to every single one and found ways to occupy herself those several hours, which to me is quite an impressive feat. She also supported my attending vocal lessons after a several year-long gap and watched me rehearse monologue after monologue, song after song, audition after audition at home, and offered honest and constructive critique. Her support and belief in my ability to succeed in theatre has meant everything to me and leaves me with optimism for my future in the business.
  10. Is there a teacher you would most like to thank and why: Both Mr. John Jacobson and Mr. George Righter have greatly impacted my path of study in life. Mr. Jacobson's animated way of bringing American history to life in AP US History made me want to study the topic in further depth in college, and Mr. Righter's leadership in Advanced Technical Theatre (and attendance of Northwestern University as a grad student several years ago!) allowed me to develop a strong work ethic and problem-solving ability.
  11. Favorite quote or catchphrase: "...we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender."
  12. Most cherished high school memory: The entirety of the Virginia Theatre Association conference in October 2016 was a memory I will cherish forever for bolstering my then-nonexistent confidence in my performance ability after receiving several callbacks from college auditions and an All-Star Cast award for acting in SOA's "Showercaps and Other Essentials." I also hold a memory from 2014's VTA fondly: Lin-Manuel Miranda appeared as a guest speaker with the best speech I've ever heard in my life at this conference.

June 16, 2017
7:00 p.m.

The College of William & Mary
Kaplan Arena
751 Ukrop Way
Williamsburg, VA

Directions to Kaplan Arena

Total Number of Students: 554

Total Number of Graduates: 127

Number of Students Awarded Scholarships: 39

Total Amount of Scholarships: $5,583,855

List of Scholarships: View

Post-Secondary Profile:
4 year college: 51.97%
2 year college: 29.13%
Workforce/Vocational: 14.96%
Military: 3.94%

Top 10 Colleges: Christopher Newport University, College of William & Mary, George Mason University, James Madison University, Old Dominion University, Thomas Nelson Community College, University of Mary Washington, Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia Tech, Virginia Wesleyan College

Senior Class Officers:
President - Cherelle Matthews
Vice President - Zoe Mason
Secretary - Karsen Vawter
Treasurer - Krystle Lee
Spirit Chair - Janae Grant


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John Thomas Adams
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Jack Nathaniel Royes
Ian Kirkwood Sadler
Tyler Sheridan Sakimura
Maleea Marie Santiago
Natasha Camille Sauri
Jalen Emante' Sawyers
Jenny Marie Schuster
Jesse Lee Sharpe III
Clare Virginia Shriner
Kayleigh Clare Skaggs
David Michael Smith
Gregory Palmer Smith
Marquise DeLeon Smith
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Megan Louise Strong
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Catherine Rosa Washam
Jaela Alyse Watkins
Vanessa Whitney
Meridian Chamberlin Williams
Jason Kevin Wilson
Sarah Christina Wimmer
Lily Madelynn Wright
Kevin Zamudio Centeno

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