Grafton High School - Class of 2017

Chloe DeWees
Chloe DeWees
About the Valedictorian

Chloe DeWees

  1. Age: 18
  2. Parents: Guy and Tara DeWees
  3. GPA: 4.96
  4. High School Extracurricular activities: Football, Basketball, Indoor Track, Soccer, National Honor Society, Math Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, Film Society, and Model United Nations
  5. Community involvement: St. Luke's Youth Group, Appalachia Service Project, PORT Emergency Winter Shelter Program, Upward Basketball, United Way of Greater Williamsburg, Stop Hunger Now, and the Virginia Peninsula Foodbank
  6. College attending: United States Air Force Academy
  7. Studying/Major: Undecided
  8. Name one thing you learned in high school that you didn't expect to learn: Statistics are easy to fake using different procedures to make experiments look legitimate, and approximately 65% of people don't know that.
  9. Name one person who has influenced you and why: My football coaches; Matt McLeod, Bruce Owens, Jeff Charville, and Jeff Long, reminded me that no matter how many people are against you, you always have those that are on your side and want to see you succeed.
  10. Is there a teacher you would most like to thank and why: I would like to thank Ms. Kingan for helping me make it through high school only semi insane and for helping me be more creative, fun, and, more importantly, myself. I would also like to thank Mrs. Montini for teaching me that a lot of things that most people think matter really don't and for guiding me to be a more skeptical person.
  11. Favorite quote or catchphrase: I guess we are who we are for a lot of reasons, and maybe we'll never know most of them. But even if we don't have the power to choose where we come from, we can still choose where we go from there.
  12. Most cherished high school memory: Penguin diving in the mud after football practice with the whole team would be one of my favorite memories, but I also loved going out for ice cream with my SOA class and driving my teacher there with her silently freaking out the whole time, or the soccer sleepover this year when we were all trying to learn how to dance and still can't.
Winnie Zhang
Winnie Zhang
About the Salutatorian

Winnie Zhang

  1. Age: 18
  2. Parents: Alice Shao and Yong Zhang
  3. GPA: 4.8979
  4. High School Extracurricular activities: Grafton Girls' Varsity Tennis Team, (1st seed and co-captain), National Honor Society (Historian), Spanish Honor Society (Vice-president), and Math Honor Society
  5. Community Involvement: Member of the York County Youth Commission
  6. College attending: University of California, Berkeley
  7. Studying/Major: Computer Science
  8. Name one thing you learned in high school that you didn't expect to learn: I didn't really expect to learn time-management skills. While I knew high school was going to be difficult, I definitely developed better time-management skills.
  9. Name one person who has influenced you and why: My parents have definitely influenced me. They have taught me so many things about life and encouraged me when I was down.
  10. Is there a teacher you would most like to thank and why: I would most like to thank Mr. Minor. He not only taught me AP Human Geography, but he also coached me for 5 years on the Grafton Girls' Varsity Tennis Team.
  11. Favorite quote or catchphrase: The difference between the novice and the master is that the master has failed more times than the novice has tried.
  12. Most cherished high school memory: I enjoyed practicing and playing tennis with the Grafton Girls' Varsity Tennis Team. It's always very fun playing tennis with them and just talking to them.

June 16, 2017
3:30 p.m

The College of William & Mary
Kaplan Arena
751 Ukrop Way
Williamsburg, VA

Directions to Kaplan Arena

Total Number of Students: 1,186

Total Number of Graduates: 271

Number of Students Awarded Scholarships: 61

Total Amount of Scholarships: $6,094,388

List of Scholarships: View

Post-Secondary Profile:
4 year college: 56%
2 year college: 29%
Workforce/Vocational: 12%
Military: 3%

Top 10 Colleges: Thomas Nelson Community College, Virginia Commonwealth University, George Mason University, University of Virginia, Christopher Newport University, James Madison University, Radford University, Old Dominion University, Virginia Tech, College of William & Mary/Longwood University

Senior Class Officers:
President - Julia Larsen
Vice President - Hannah Guyer
Secretary - Megan Harrah
Treasurer - Laural Nicks


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Crystal Marie Feagler
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Mackenzie-Lynnae Grantham
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Emily Kaitlyn Guhl
Hannah Lee Guyer
Shannon Tayler Hallingstad
Zachariah Lee Hamilton
April Elise Hanson
Megan Elizabeth Harrah
Kiara Jade Harrington
Helen Ann Harris
Johnathan Alexander Harrison
Zachary Scott Harrison
Taurus Hawk Jr.
Isiah Desmond Hawkins
Samantha West Heard
Olivia Lee Hill
Timmy Chandler Hiott
Devon Lane Hoffman
Michael Mario Hoffmann
Jesse Lee Holston
Lundie Maria Horacio
Nicholas Job Horne
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Alexis Abigail Kracht
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Kyle Anthony Malden
Erin McIntyre Malone
Stephanie Elizabeth Mansfield
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Kathleen Anne McCarthy
Ian Lachlan McCulloch
Xshajah Shaque McLauchlin
Kyle Michael Mells
Tacoma Rain Mendelsohn
Noah John Mendoza
Alyssa Gabrielle Milazzo
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Chaeli Christyann Miller
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Kyrie Se'Zon Moore
Thomas Andrew Moore
Matthew Ryan Morhiser
Lillian Vassar Muhich
Claire Louise Nelson
Sydney Noel Nelson
Alexander Khang Nguyen
Ashley Fatima Nguyen
Laurel Lee Anne Nicks
Jason Grant Nicolai
Tavaris Ladell Noel
Robert Stephen Nordman
Bryce Sherman O'Melia
Yuki Ogusu
Samantha Ruth Oliver
Luke Aaron Osvold
Alexa Kaitlin Ouellette
Elizabeth Virginia Owens
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Brookelyn Faith Parker
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Akhil Jagdish Patel
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Nicholas Charles Patron
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Aiyanna Damaris Perkins
Cindy Fabiola Portales-Maldonado
Bryce Ann Pride
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Nathaniel Marshall Kirts Reichart
Menico DeShaun Reid
Jacob Robert Reister
Kaylin Verese Richardson
Kenneth Leroy Robinson Jr.
Cameron Renae Roblewsky
Daniel John Rodriguez
Ellee Stella Rogers
Ally Jo Salomon
Angel Renee' Schexnayder
Burke Mackenzie Schramel
Veronica Grace Seguin
Albert Ji Seo
Isaiah Eamon Shine
Elizabeth Alden Sholtis
Sukhdeep Singh
Tyler Shawn Sissell
Alexandra Nicole Smith
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Madison Isabella Smith
Samuel James Smyth
Austin Joseph Snide
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Soaren James Stevenson
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Lukas William Strack
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