York High School - Class of 2024

Matthew Fan
Matthew Fan
About the Valedictorian

Matthew Fan

  1. GPA: 4.7959
  2. High School Extracurricular activities: Track & Field, Cross country, President of National Art Honors Society, Vice president of Tri-M, Concertmaster for the Williamsburg Youth Orchestra
  3. Community Involvement: Volunteered at Hamilton Assisted Living center regularly by performing songs, performed in numerous music outreach ministries and programs, accompanied school plays and choir performances, and helped raise funds for scholarships supporting young musicians.
  4. College attending: University of Richmond as a Richmond Scholar
  5. Studying/Major: Business Management/Entrepreneurship
  6. Tell us about a person or experience that has had a significant impact in your life? My mom has had a significant impact on my life because of her unwavering support and encouragement. She has helped me through some of the hardest times in my life and I am so thankful for everything that she has done for me. I would not be where I am today without her.
  7. If you could give one piece of advice to rising high school students, what would it be? I highly recommend rising high schoolers to spend their time wisely and try to remain as organized as possible. As a professional procrastinator, rushing to finish assignments the day they are due is not optimal. Make sure you stay on top of all your work, as the workload will start to build up and overwhelm you if you keep pushing it off.
  8. What was your favorite class you've taken in high school and why? My favorite class I have taken in high school is AP Calculus BC. While this class was quite challenging, I really enjoyed the environment and people around me. I felt like I was always learning something new and now feel really prepared for taking any future math classes at this level.
  9. What school tradition or experience will you miss the most? The tradition I will miss the most is the senior skit. I love seeing how the students imitate teachers and sometimes recreating that teacher's unique quirk perfectly. It is one of the funniest traditions at our school, and I am sad I will not be able to witness it next year.
  10. What is your most memorable experience or highlight from your high school years? One of my most memorable experiences was my first time going to States for track in the 4x4 relay during the indoor season. I was so excited because I had always wanted to qualify for states since I started track and was never able to. We all ran hard the day of the race, and I will always remember the thrill of the trip and the amazing friends I made along the way.
Lana Portanova
Lana Portanova
About the Salutatorian

Lana Portanova

  1. GPA: 4.7551
  2. High School Extracurricular activities: York High School's Drama Department, Former Girls' Varsity Basketball Player, Tutoring Chair in the Thomas Nelson Chapter of the National Honor Society, Science National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta (Math Honor Society), President of the YHS Chapter of Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica (Spanish Honor Society), National English Honor Society, International Thespian Society
  3. Community Involvement: Logistics Internship with USfalcon as a Federal Support Service Contractor, Mazda Motorsport Sponsored Amateur Autocross Driver with the SCCA, Promotional/Media Chair with the Virginia Motor Sport Club
  4. College attending: Carnegie Mellon University
  5. Studying/Major: Mechanical Engineering
  6. Were there any teachers or mentors who played a significant role in shaping your academic journey? If so, how? As a proud and independent learner, connecting with my instructors has often been challenging. However, I have been fortunate to have supportive academic mentors along the way. Being part of the IB programme facilitated collaboration with my teachers, particularly when working on IB essays and projects. My IB Mathematics teacher, Mrs. Emily Blackburn, was my mentor for both the IB Math IA and the IB Extended Essay. She was phenomenal to work with, and I will never forget her wisdom and support, both as a teacher and an academic mentor.
  7. What was the most useful advice you have received from someone about high school? The best advice I received was to take advantage of every aspect of high school, both socially and academically. Socially, high school offers a unique opportunity with free time and a wide variety of extracurriculars. While some students choose to fill their time with other commitments, it's important to make choices that reflect their own interests and goals. Academically, high school is free, and you are required to be there anyway, so making the most of the classes available can help you explore your interests and potentially save money if college is in your future. Overall, taking advantage of the time I had in high school helped me determine what I wanted to study in college and the extracurricular activities and friends I wanted to prioritize.
  8. What's one class you wish had been offered or you had been able to take in high school? I wish my school had offered more practical learning classes. Although we were required to complete an economics class, it did not cover essential life skills like paying taxes, taking out loans, or managing the financial aspects of college. A class dedicated to applying for scholarships, colleges, and student loans would have been immensely helpful, especially as an upperclassman.
  9. If you could create one new rule (or change a rule) at your high school, what would it be and why? If I could alter one rule, it would be that student attendance in class was only required if a student did not have an A or B in class. While it is federally mandated that we attend school, York High has multiple resources on its premises (Learning commons, sports fields, courtyard) that could be utilized by students instead of sitting for redundant lectures and work periods.
  10. Describe your high school experience in one word. Enlightening

June 8, 2024
9 a.m.

William & Mary
Kaplan Arena
751 Ukrop Way
Williamsburg, VA 23185

Directions to Kaplan Arena

Total Number of Students: 932

Total Number of Graduates: 243

Number of Students Awarded Scholarships: 72

Total Amount of Scholarships: $8,671,623

Scholarships: List of scholarships

Post-Secondary Profile:
4-year college: 58%
2-year college: 20%
Workforce/Vocational: 17%
Military: 4%
Other plans: 1%

Top 10 Colleges:

  • Christopher Newport University
  • George Mason University
  • James Madison University
  • Longwood University
  • Old Dominion University
  • Radford University
  • Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Virginia Peninsula Community College
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
  • William & Mary

Senior Class Officers:
President - Kendall A. Butler
Vice President - Ramsie J. Pittman
Secretary - Elizabeth C. Poitras
Treasurer - Riley T. Brooks
Historian - Megan R. Dahn
SCA Representative - Olivia A. Buckman & Aavryn D. Fua


Efren Emeliano Abaroa-Micket
Sadie Kathryn Adams
Brandon Gabriel-Lee Allen
Chance Ray Almond
Lauren Grace Atwell
Corbin David Auby
Gabriella Morgan Austill
Ava June Backes
Helen Emory Badami
Adrian Connor Ball
Ashton Thomas Barkers
Audrey Paige Batterton
Quincey Cameron Beck
Constentine Porter Becker
Breanna Skylar Bender
Gage Mitchell Bernardi
Emily Marie Best
Caiden Charles Billups
Hayden Ryan Blanchard
Richard William Blanchard
Lexie Marie Bohrer
Hannah Rose Boyce
Ariana Charlene Boyd
Avery Lynn Bradley
Reid William Branson
Olivia Marie Cator Brock
Logan Dustin Brooks
Riley Turnwall Brooks
Elianna Rose Brown
David Alexander Bryant
Maverick Walter Bryson
Olivia Anne Buckman
Blake Mcbride Buckwalter
Megan Shea Burch
Audrey Elizabeth Burge
Cameron Phadon Burton
Kendall Ashley Butler
Madison Louise Caldwell
Hana Grace Caluag
Carter James Chapin
Milton Casey Cheaney
Conner Sherman Clark
Xylia Abigail Collantes
Ronald Martin Collier
Kayleigh Nohealani Conol
Edward Constantin Corobana
Olivia Greer Cox
Mary Rochelle Cronin
Megan Rose Dahn
Shaun Xavier Dennis
Summer Elise Dooley
Cole Edwin Draper
Macee Rose Dubois
Terrell Andrew James Dupree
Piper Marie Duran
Haleigh Grace Dziechciarz
Abby Grace Eastwood
Saniya Yasmean Edmonds
Julia Renee Ellars
Paxton Lee Ellis
Celine Marie Ellis-Magee
Matthew Jacob Fan
Angelina Mae Fauci
Evan Saxton Flowers
Taylor Ray Floyd
Lindsay Alyssa Fournier
Garret Alan Friedman
Aavryn Damarco Fua
Graham Carpenter Gaschen
Bryleigh Jane Geary
Naira Gerhardt
Adam Thomas Gillette
Miley Andrea Graham
Jeremiah James Grant
Jackson Edward Gray
Jeremy Taylor Green
Aidan Douglas Gregory
Anthony Allen Hack
Matthew Coley Hale
Sahniya Janelle Hall
Maxwell Douglas Harbin
Evan Ferguson Hawkes
Noah Shane Hensley
Adrianna May Hernandez
Jack Robert Herrmann
Hayden Cedrick Hill
Elise Marlo Hoglund
Joel Chung-Hing Hoglund
Robert George Holihan IV
Brayanna Nicole Kekaihalai Holland
Ashtyn Nicole Howe
Isabelle Marie Hudson
Grace Ellen Hughes
Riley Mills Hunter
Ryan Joseph Inge
Daron Marques Ingleton
Prily Henry-Tadja Meira Jaegle
Brooklynn Savannah James
Ivy Elizabeth James
Eliza Angel Jones
Mitchell Wesley Jones
Sarah Michelle Jones
Yaceem J Jones
Ethan Clyde Joyner
Grace Marin Katzer
Owen Michael Keller
Justen Da'Sean Kelly
Bennett Scott Kerr
Lauren Marie Ketchum
Madison Lynne Ketchum
Farrah Christina King
Carlos Diego Lagos
Sarah Katherine Langston
Jeremiah Ethan Latimore
Kelly Michelle Leach
Jordan Cole Leppin
Nathan Matthew Levister
Clay Roger Ling
Creed Curtis Ling
Stephen Patrick Linkous III
Kaylee Jo MacLuskie
Logan Kenwood-Nelson Mahoney-Straight
Ruby Martinez
Tatiana Gabriela Martinez Cruz
Mei'yah Nevaeh Maxfield
Olivia Rosa Mayo
Kilian Thomas McMannes
Nora Claire McMullen
Lorenzo Thomas Mejia
Ava Phoenix Miles
Jacob Pryor Mitchell
Hanan Mohamad Mohamad
Jose Luis Molina Hernandez
Payton Michelle Monteith
Ximena Dae Montoya
Gabriel Nicholas Morehouse
Tanner Brooks Morgan
Marlyce Ellana Morgan Banks
Layla Marie Mueller
Mackenzie Rae Nelson
Savannah Grace Nelson
Graham William Nicholas
Roxanna Brooke Nicholson
Sean Robert Nickle
Savannah Lee Noble
Shreya Noor
Andrew John O'Brien
Caleb Frederick Pakusch
Logan Michael Palmer
Daniel Jeesung Park
Diallo Aries Patterson
Briona Nevaeh Patterson-Smith
Natalie Lynn Pauls
Miguel Fernando Perez
Ramsie Jewel Pittman
Elizabeth Carol Poitras
Lawson Andrew Pope
Lana Anne Portanova
Madeline Elizabeth Porter
Niko Alfonso Marcellus Potts
Jordyn Nicole Powell
Rakarri Marlene Pressey
Kaden Louis Prielipp
Aidan Thomas Read
Annabelle Grace Reed
Payten Madisyn Reese
Daniel Chase Richardson
Bella Sophie Rimmer
Mia Simone Robinson
Brandon Adriel Rodriguez
Dane Paul Michael Roosien
Christian Brainard Russell
Grant Joseph Russo
Dante Elijah Saez
Mason Douglas Sanchez
Eric Damien Sava
Carl Robert Schwarting
Christopher Ian Sealey Jr.
Evan Mason Seawell
Mason Davey Seda
Mohammad Sekandari
Sean Niegas Semera
Ryan Patrick Sena
Robert Samuel Sheilds
Hailey Anna-marie Shields
Isabella Catherine Siebigteroth
Dashanti Renee Skipwith
Abbigale Grace Smith
Carter Nicholas Smith
Elizabeth Smith
Dylan James Smyth
Brianna Nicole Speck
Elijah Lee Sproston
Loreley Elizabeth Staik
Georgia Kate Sutherland
Michael John Swetnam-Burland
Kayla Yvette Swiggett
Maya Elizabeth Taylor
Persephone Nyx Taylor
Dylan Lee Terrill
K'maria La Raye Tharpe
Jamar Adrian Thomas Jr.
Kaylao Ethan Thongvathsa
Austin Michael Tompkins
Shari-Ann Elizabeth Tremblay
Roman Cole Vander Kooi
Lucas Marc Vasquez
Sion Musashi Vault
Aiden Jose Vega
Emma Mckinsey Veitz
Daniel Alexander Victoria
Kaitlyn Querimit Villanueva
Asma Wali
Josiah Emmanuel Walker
McKenzie Leigh Wallace
MyQueen Amy-Rose Ward
Kadynce Brooklynn Eshe Washington
Brianna Janae Welch
Roland Buxton Wells
N'asia Zaire Welsh
Carley Paige Westmoreland
Maquenzie Grace Whisnant
Abigayle Spencer White
Javon Marquise White
Briana Ellen Whittaker
Knovell Tyalika Wiggins
Caroline Grace Williams
Gavin Dale Williams
Jocelyn Schell Williams
Tashaun Isiah Wilson
Elizabeth Grace Wood
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Tyler Bryce Woodman
Chamar Quantel Wooten Jr.
Rain Yang
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Reece Timothy Zabler

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