Tabb High School - Class of 2019

Anni Wang
Anni Wang
About the Valedictorian

Anni Wang

  1. Age: 18
  2. Parents: Min Tang (mother) and Haishi Wang (Father)
  3. GPA: 5.00
  4. High School Extracurricular activities: Pianist at the Manhattan School of Music Precollege Division in New York City (received awards at the North International Music Competition, Emuse International Music Competition, Vivo International Music Competition, Grand Prize Virtuoso International Music Competition, and the National YoungArts Foundation, and was one of eleven pianists invited internationally to attend the Eastern Music Festival, attended the Sulzbach Rosenberg International Music Festival in Germany), Virginia State Leadership Representative at the National Beta Club, Debate Club, Intern at the NASA, National Honor Society, Tri-M Music Honor Society, Student Association Board at the Governor's School for Science and Technology
  5. Community Involvement: Volunteer at the Virginia Living Museum, and as a piano accompanist for music students
  6. College attending: University of California, Berkeley
  7. Studying/Major: Social Sciences (Economics)
  8. Name one thing you learned in high school that you didn't expect to learn: If a man is standing next to you in Paris selling you train tickets to Versailles for two hundred euros, he is, IN FACT, scamming you.
  9. Name one person who has influenced you and why: Alexander McQueen has greatly influenced me in my ideas and who I am as a person. When I was younger, I was lucky enough to witness his Savage Beauty collection on YouTube, and it opened my eyes to how fashion and the arts was often satirical and designed to portray and comment on major societal issues. This heavily influenced me in the way I played piano - I delved deeper into contemporary music that similarly portrayed modern-era issues (such as the Vietnam War or feminism), inspired by the fearless capability of McQueen to defy critics and fearlessly send his own ideas into the world.
  10. Is there a teacher you would most like to thank and why: Dr. Solomon Mikowsky, my piano teacher at the Manhattan School of Music and my absolute eye-opener to what the definition of music was. To me, and most of my peers in Yorktown, Virginia, the true difficulty in piano playing was the "loud and fast," not the intricate details and the "gentle and soft" nestled within J.S. Bach. Dr. Mikowsky, thankfully, changed such a mindset. Piano no longer was a competition for me, but rather a method of education in which I learned how to implement my own ideas and the historical background of a piece into my music, rather than always listening to ideas or suggestions meant to impress at a competition without a second thought. I'm glad he put me out of such a toxic mindset, and even more grateful that he taught me how to think for myself.
  11. Favorite quote or catchphrase: "Fairy tales do not tell children that dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children that dragons can be killed" - G.K. Chesterton
  12. Most cherished high school memory: We drove along the highway in Germany on the way to the airport following the conclusion of the Sulzbach Rosenberg Music Festival. About one hour into the drive, I spotted a giant sunflower field, illuminated by the sunlight. That one second felt like a year, but in that year, everything felt calm, peaceful, and just exquisitely perfect.
Yifan Wang
Yifan Wang
About the Salutatorian

Yifan Wang

  1. Age: 19
  2. Parents: Dr. Shaoheng Wang and Mrs. Linjiao Deng
  3. GPA: 4.8571
  4. High School Extracurricular activities: Varsity Tennis, flute, Tri-M, Mu Alpha Theta, National Honor Society, Science National Honor Society
  5. Community Involvement: Virginia Living Museum
  6. College attending: Cornell University
  7. Studying/Major: Electrical Engineering
  8. Name one thing you learned in high school that you didn't expect to learn: I did not expect to learn about the fact that Loui XV loved cats and had many of them at Versaille, but I'm really glad I did.
  9. Name one person who has influenced you and why: Anni Wang, the valedictorian of Tabb High School, has been a main influencer of my entire high school career. Anni's hard-working personality showed me that it was never okay to give up. Anni taught me that I should always push myself and never shy away from opportunities.
  10. Is there a teacher you would most like to thank and why: I would like to thank Dr. Rhett Woo from the Governor's School for Science and Technology. Dr. Woo pushed me to my limits and made me realize I could accomplish so much more than what I thought.
  11. Favorite quote or catchphrase: "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." - Wayne Gretzky
  12. Most cherished high school memory: I will always remember when a student-led band went around the whole school serenading the students.

June 14, 2019
3:00 p.m.

The College of William & Mary
Kaplan Arena
751 Ukrop Way
Williamsburg, VA 23185

Directions to Kaplan Arena

Total Number of Students: 1,085

Total Number of Graduates: 265

Number of Students Awarded Scholarships: 85

Total Amount of Scholarships: $7,586,460

Scholarships: List of scholarships

Post-Secondary Profile:
4-year college: 58%
2-year college: 29%
Workforce/Vocational: 6%
Military: 7%

Top 10 Colleges:

  • Christopher Newport University
  • George Mason University
  • James Madison University
  • Liberty University
  • Old Dominion University
  • Thomas Nelson Community College
  • University of Virginia
  • Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Virginia Polytchnic and State University
  • West Virginia University

Senior Class Officers:
President - Brandon Kaminer
Vice President - Caleb Rivera
Secretary - Kallie Wolf
Treasurer - Sarah Lee
PTSA Liaison - Kristen Pettit-Pokora


Derek Raul Alemany
Caitlin Alexis Allen
Michael Lawson Allen
Adeeb Mohammed Amer
Anthony Danilo Burgos Anastasi
Kasandra Marie Aulenbach
Isaac Alexander Banks
Isaiah Nicholas Banks
William Lee Barber III
Jennifer May Barnes
Emily Madison Bartles
Kyla Alona Barton
Ashton John Baust
Jacob Austin Baylor
Sarah Ehab Bekhet
Kobe Isaiah Bell
Danielle Simone Bennett
Matthew Keith Berry
William Glenn Bertoline
Tahreem Sohail Bhatti
Katie Ray Biggs
J'meer Ajamu Bolling-Moultrie
Brandon Allen Brewer
Jacob Seng Soo Brewer
Jake Ryan Brewer
Aaron Maxwell Brinker
Brishajna Tai-Yonne Brinkley
Carly Harris Broadwell
William Keith Brooks
Haley Marie Brown
Katherine Nicole Brown
Paige Makayla Brown
Preston Lee Brown
Zachary Patrick Brown
Sean Monroe Brown-Bowles
David Glenn Buckingham
Avery Elizabeth Bunting
George Mason Burns
Samuel James Callender
Brianna Monaye Calloway
Hannah Louise Camarillo
Emily Ann Carroll
William Grey Cashwell
Kayla Rose Causey
Alexandria Ann Cestero
Thomas Ryan Challis
Daniel John Cho
Madison Catherine Chodorowski
Collin Robert Christy
Dayeon Lauren Chung
Dominic Xavier Clark
Zakary Thomas Gene Coke
Zachary Matthew Coldsnow
Benjamin Matthew Cornell
Daniel John Cota
Ian Robert Coulson
Porsche A'shay Coutee
Kayse Lee Cowan
Erin Anne Cox
Alyssa Marie Crespo
Ian Riley Crispen
John Benjamin Davenport
Bryce Anthony Davis
Cossan Wheeler Debertolis
Jakob Nathaniel Deitrich
Irvin Diaz
Emma Faith David Donatelli
Kyra Tenae Duckett
Elsie Louise Ellingsworth
Laurel Pauline Ellingsworth
Alexis Lynette Elshaw
Raiton Chance Erkkinen
McKayla Alexandra Escobar
Kaelyn McKenzie Escuadra
Chloe Grace Everard
Sydney Elise Fancher
Aaron Benjamin Finch
Maxwell Swanton Frishkorn
Stephen Tyler Gaddis
Malcolm Isaiah Gaines
Leilani JeanMarie Gantt
Gabrielle Nichole Gardner
MacKenzie Joyce Gardner
Bryen Jacob Garza
Zachary Nathan George
Megan Elizabeth Gilman
Abigail Rose Glaeser
Laurel Leigh Goff
Zahra Alexis Gonzalez
Sarali Lin Goodman
Mary Elizabeth Goodrich
Adam Blain Gordon
Ian Kenneth Goss
Trent Andrew Goulter
Garrison Cooper Greenwald
Tucker Carlos Gummo
Keerah Dawn Hagan
Zackary Scott Haning
Joseph Stephen Harmatz
Richard Thomas Harris Jr.
Dylan Jay-west Harrison
Brandon Randolph Hart
Ashley Nicole Hayes
Abigail Grace Heckler
Peyton Clarice Hedrick
Zachary Hisel
Alissa Rae Hoffman
Kaitlin Colleen Horton
Dylan W.G. Houston
Elizabeth Carol Houston
Emily Sue Howell
Victoria Rae Hudson
Andrew Kingston Humphry
Jackson Luke Hurd
Andrew Sherif Tawakol Ibrahim Bekhet
Jalen Thomas Jackson
Joby Jay Jansen Jr.
Janise Rene Jeffers
Jamari Dyvaun Jones
Jaylen Stephen Jones
Lindsey Hannah Jones
Madisson Dylana Joye
Brandon Michael Kaminer
Heather Marie Kashin
Greyson Gilliam Kieffer
Patrick Robert Kielawa
D'Amir Hakem Kimble
Coby Jacob King
Lauren Marie Kirby
Xavier Antonio Knight
Camden Scott Koberstein
Madison Patricia Kurek
Mason Lee Lassiter
Rylen David Latosky
Sarah Sheng hyun Lee
Caroline Geddy Longacre
Daniela Solorio Lopez
Alyssa Caroline Lowe
Dylan Michael Lucas
Andrew John Lussier
Roger Eli Lutz
Emily Mae Lyon
Adam Scott MacDonald
Sarah Abbey Mack
Kristen Isabelle Malloy
Matthew Christian Fletcher Manning
Brandon Alfonse Marello
Laura Carolina Marin
Joshua Arthur Martin
Carlos Mason Jr.
Christian Andrew Maynor
Kemet Ausar-Aries McDuffie
Elijah Rashad Moore
Declan Gunnar Murphy
Zoe Elizabeth Neal
Joseph David Negron
Catherine Elizabeth Nicely
Morgan Elizabeth Norton
Alexander Michael Nyikos
Taylor Marie O'Neil
Abbie Corrynn Overbay
Leah Cassidy Overbay
Sarah Rose Overman
Olivia Ainsley Owen
Gabrielah Paola Padilla Perez
Kara Marlene Parr
Nathan Thomas Perdue
Tyrese Montrell Pettaway
Kristen Alexandra Pettit-Pokora
Jacoby Elon Pierson
Victoria Paige Pittman
Dylan Myles Plahn
Calista Lola Polyzos
Alexis Monique Powell
Alton Hyou Powell
Tyrese Kendrick Powell
Preyashi P Prajapati
Myles George Quachyeargin
Janrey Quinol
Madison Brooke Radcliff
Alexis Michelle Ramer
Michael Nicholas Richwine
Kennedy Nicole Riley
Trinity Alyse Riley
Caleb David Rivera
Johan Rivera-Burgos
Alyssa Madison Roach
Madeleine Rose Roberts
Maria Guadalupe Rodriguez
Olga Rodriguez
Angela-Marie Duran Rone
Jessica-Marcelle Duran Rone
Gabriel Joseph Ross
Nadirah Renee Ross
Janae Marie Wattleton Sayler
Ryan Wilson Scheck
Stella Sears
Brayden Daniel Sehmann
Chase Douglas Seider
Meraj Uddin Shaikh
Jimmie K Simmons
Noelle Kayla Simpson
Shayley Annette Skinner
Samir Smajic
Kathryn Jane Smartt
Jabari Kareem Smith
Collin Edward Snowsill
Krystine Nicole Soto Girau
Nehemiah Azzari Speller
Ananda Tamiya Stanton
Amberly Gail Starner
Davin Connor Stephens
Jenna Rose Stetina
Mercedez Faith-Leigh Stokes
Brice J Stolz
Michael Dean Stover III
Isaiah Davis Sturch
Gavin Jay Stutzman
Matthew Caleb Stutzman
Jane Sun
Elisha Kellar Sutton
Evan William Swartzbaugh
Nicholas Ryan Talati
Julia Grace Tartabini
Lennard Thoben
Fred Nicholas Thomas IV
Hailey Rachael Thomas
Emily Grace Thornton
Carolyn Joy Titus
Hana Lee Todhunter
Kristian Eunice Tolliver
Amanda Nicole Tovey
Sydney Allison Tucker
Matthew Patrick Umphlet
Khate Etrata Uy
Victoria Kalei Vest
Rebecca Grace Vigil
Tatum Victoria Wagner
John Joseph Wallace II
Anni Wang
Yifan Wang
Aaron Charles Weddle
Alyson Christine Weems
Allison Elizabeth Wellendorf
Gabrielle Elizabeth Wells
Cyana Marie Lynn Wertz
Devin Parker Wettstein
Brandon Blade Wheeler
Stephen Michael Wike
Jordan Aliya Wilber
Sarah Elizabeth Serenna Wilhelm
Adam Garret Williams
Benjamin Compton Wilson
Brandon Xavier Wilson
Justin Carl Wiscarson
Chase Eric Witcher
Kallie Danielle Wolf
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