Employee Access Information

Information Technology has established this network access status page so you may check for network access updates. If you cannot access yorkcountyschools.org or the network access status page, you should assume that maintenance is in progress on the network. If yorkcountyschools.org is available, you may check this page for updates. When the work is complete and the system is reliable, a notice will be published on the network access status page.

This page will be a permanent addition to yorkcountyschools.org. As home access becomes more available, teachers and staff may use this page to determine if there is a technical reason preventing access to the YCSD network. Information Technology will use this page to publish notices of problems that may occur at off hours (in the evenings, on weekends and holidays) such as Verizon circuit failures, server failures, network equipment failures, etc. Obviously, it will be safe to assume that if one is having a problem connecting to email or via Citrix and yorkcountyschools.org is off line, something catastrophic has happened. In such an event, it will not be possible to view the network access status page since this page is part of the network.

If you have any questions, contact the YCSD Help Desk at 757-898-0311.

Outside Access Instructions

Outlook User Resources

Instructions for Email Archive System

Apple Product Compatibility

Windows Mobile Users

Changes have been made to the certificate for webmail. In order for Windows mobile users to continue receiving email, you will need to download the new certificates and install them onto your mobile device. Click on the below links to install these certificates to your phone. If your phone will not install the certificates from this link, save these files to your computer or a memory card and transfer them to your phone. You will then need to use file manager on your phone to browse to the certificates and select each one to install. After successful installation you will receive a message telling you the certificate has been installed. If you have any issues you should contact your mobile phone provider for support.

Spam Quarantine Instructions

If you receive incoming email that is considered to be spam, the messages are quarantined. If you have received any spam messages, you will receive an email spam report from quarantine@messaging.microsoft.com. You can review this report and forward messages to your Inbox or notify Microsoft that you do not consider a specific message to be junk.

If you are waiting for a message and suspect that it has been blocked, you do not have to wait for the latest spam report. You can log into the Microsoft's quarantine system at any time to check up-to-the-minute status of all messages that have been blocked.

Current Status

There are currently no known issues that should affect your access to YCSD.

To ensure the best experience and compatibility with Citrix, we recommend that users upgrade their Citrix Receiver client software on their BYOD and/or home computers.

Citrix Receiver may be downloaded from the Citrix web site by visiting: http://www.citrix.com/go/receiver.html

If you have any additional questions, please contact the YCSD Help Desk during normal business hours.

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