YCSD 2021-22 Virtual Learning Program


The division will resume a traditional five days per week, in-person schedule for the 2021-22 school year as we believe students' educational needs are best met in the classroom with their teachers and peers. However, we understand that some families may need to continue with a virtual learning option due to the uncertainties and variables surrounding COVID-19. Therefore, YCSD will offer full-time online learning for students in grades K-12 through Virtual Virginia (VVA).

Although full-time virtual students remain YCSD students, they participate fully in the VVA experience. This program, offered through the Virginia Department of Education, varies significantly from YCSD's 2020-21 Virtual Academy. To ensure families are well informed prior to choosing this learning option, the division held scheduled several information sessions.

YCSD families who apply and are accepted into the full-time virtual learning offering are enrolled in the VVA program for a full year of online instruction, which includes a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning.

YCSD & VVA 2021-22 Program Comparison

  2020-21 YCSD Virtual Academy 2021-22 Full-time Virtual Virginia Program
Virtual Classroom Virtual instruction is provided by YCSD teachers Instruction is provided by licensed Virginia teacher not associated with YCSD
Classmates are YCSD peers Classmates are students across the state
Instructional Tools Synchronous learning through Microsoft Teams Synchronous learning through Zoom
Course content is accessible through YCSD’s Canvas learning management system Course content is accessible through VVA’s Canvas learning management system
Microsoft tools for productivity Google tools for productivity
YCSD curriculum, textbooks, and materials VVA curriculum, textbooks, and materials
Grading Policy & Local Assessment Grades are imported into ASPEN regularly Grades are imported from VVA into ASPEN at interim and quarter intervals
Teachers follow YCSD grading policy Late coursework and grading policies may differ from YCSD
Quarterly assessments Midyear and final exams
Course Communication Communication occurs with YCSD teachers and administrators Communication occurs with VVA teachers and administrators, as well as YCSD division appointed mentor
Course Offerings & Schedule Secondary students have access to courses in the YCSD Program of Studies Secondary students are limited to those VVA course offerings which are a part of the YCSD Program of Studies; however, students can also enroll in YCSD’s Virtual High School courses as available
Secondary students follow the same schedule as in-person learners  VVA’s secondary schedule is a rotating schedule
Student Conduct Students are expected to practice appropriate digital citizenship behaviors and abide by the YCSD Network Services/Internet Acceptable Use Policy and YCSD Student Code of Conduct. Students are responsible for adhering to the YCSD Network Services/Internet Acceptable Use Policy, YCSD Student Code of Conduct, and VVA’s Student and Parent/Guardian Handbook.
Tech Support Tech support is provided through YCSD Help Desk Tech support is provided through VVA

YCSD & VVA 2021-22 Calendar Comparison

YCSD 2021-22 Calendar 2021-22 Virtual Virginia Calendar
  • Start date is August 30
  • Three days for Thanksgiving holiday
  • Five days (Monday - Friday) for spring break: first full week of April
  • End date is June 10
  • Start date is August 24
  • Two days for Thanksgiving holiday
  • Two days (Friday & Monday) for spring break; mid-April
  • End date is May 27


In addition, the following items are also considerations when selecting full-time instruction through VVA:

  • Students are responsible for all synchronous and asynchronous instruction.
    • Students are expected to participate in daily synchronous instruction with their camera turned on.
    • High school students who miss synchronous instruction due to scheduling conflicts are responsible for the content presented as HS courses are recorded and posted.
    • Students are expected to independently complete asynchronous assignments using the Canvas learning management system.
  • For attendance purposes, students must check in daily with a division virtual mentor using Microsoft Teams (MS Teams), requiring a student to use two video conferencing tools - MS Teams and Zoom.
  • High school students are expected to check their YCSD email at least twice a day and engage in routine communication with Virtual Virginia teachers and the school-based Virtual Virginia mentor.
  • Secondary course selection is based on the student's course of study and required course prerequisites as determined by VVA and YCSD.
  • Courses not available through VVA or YCSD's Virtual High School will not be available to students in the full-time virtual program. This includes courses in specialty programs such as School of the Arts, IB, New Horizons, and ROTC.
  • Students remain YCSD students with access to after-school clubs, sports, and activities occurring after the school day.
  • SOL testing, as well as other state or national assessments, is administered on-site through YCSD at the home school of record.
  • Students with exceptional learning needs will receive services through YCSD using the YCSD Canvas learning management system (LMS) (in addition to VVA's Canvas LMS for general instruction) and Microsoft Teams. Students may be required to attend additional synchronous online instruction to receive related services and supports from an appropriately licensed YCSD teacher and related staff.
  • Virtual Virginia is not a York County School Division program. YCSD does not offer the option of attending Virtual Virginia full-time to non-resident students. Any non-resident student considering enrolling in Virtual Virginia should do so through the school division in the locality in which they reside.

Progress Monitoring

Student and family commitment to virtual learning is necessary to ensure student success. A YCSD virtual learning mentor will be assigned to the student. This person is responsible for monitoring student progress while enrolled in VVA. A student may be returned to in-person learning for one of the following reasons:

  • The VVA registrar unenrolls the student because he/she is not demonstrating daily activity in this/her class(es).
  • The YCSD virtual learning mentor reports that the student is not making academic progress in the VVA program.
  • A parent contacts the student's home school with concerns about academic progress or social-emotional well-being.

In such cases, the school team and family will reconvene to transition the student to in-person learning. Because VVA operates separate from YCSD, additional supports may be needed due to curriculum pacing, textbooks and materials, classroom procedures, and such.

Families must also provide proof of residency at intervals throughout the school year.

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