YCSD Summer Academic Programs - 2018

All students from within YCSD should visit the Guidance department of their school to receive the necessary forms for Summer School.

Location: Middle and high school programs are held at Grafton High School. Elementary programs are held at Dare and Magruder Elementary School.

Dates: Specific Summer Academy dates are shown on Academic Program pages in the Summer Academic Programs Catalog.

Registration: The Summer Academic Programs Registration is completed online at the student's home school.

Transportation: Express bus service will be provided. See Transportation Schedule on page 11-12.

Attendance: No absences or tardies are permitted in any of the YCSD Summer Academic Programs.

Student Services: Students with an identified disability enrolled in Summer Academic Programs will be provided appropriate support by licensed special education staff.

Tuition: Some programs are free of charge; others require a tuition payment. Scholarships will not be offered for high school credit-bearing classes. Parents must complete a Withdrawal Form and submit it to the Summer Academy Office by June 28. All refunds will be processed no later than July 3 and must be picked up by a parent at Grafton High School. No refunds will be made for withdrawals after June 28. No refund of fees will be made if a student is dismissed for disciplinary reasons or excessive absences.

Books/Materials: Textbooks, instructional resources, and library services are available during the Summer Academic Programs. All textbooks and library books must be returned. Students who damage books will be required to pay the repair or replacement cost. Students who have not met obligations with regard to books or materials will not be permitted to take final exams or to receive credit for completed work.

Assessments: End of Course tests will be administered as listed in the program. There are no exam exemptions during Summer High School Academy.

Conduct: The York County School Division Student Handbook & Student Conduct Code will be strictly enforced.

Dress Code: The dress code, as set forth in the York County School Division Student Handbook & Student Conduct Code, will be strictly enforced.

Food Service: Snack foods are available for purchase during middle and high school programs. All students (elementary, middle & high) may bring snacks.

Parking: Students wishing to park on campus during Summer High School Academy must pay a $25 fee at the time of registration. Rules will be issued with the parking permit.


Wendy Wyatt, Ed.D. - Secondary Summer Academic Programs
Bruton High School

Reginald Fox - Virtual High School Academy
York County School Board Office

Gwendolyn Wallace - Elementary Summer Academic Programs
Grafton Bethel Elementary School

Kristin Wood - Online Learning Specialist
York County School Board Office


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