YCSD Summer Academic Programs - 2022

All students from within YCSD should visit or contact the school counseling department of their school to receive the necessary forms for summer school.

Summer Academy Course Camp, Enrichment, and Family Engagement Requests:

*Please see the Summer Academics Program Catalog for course and camp descriptions


Location: Preschool and Elementary Programs are held at Magruder Elementary School and Yorktown Elementary School. Middle and High School Programs are held at Queens Lake Middle School and Yorktown Middle School.

Dates: Specific Summer Academy dates are shown on Academic Program pages of the Summer Academy Catalog.

Registration: The Summer Academic Programs Registration is completed through the school counseling office at the student's home school.

Phone Numbers: Preschool & Elementary Summer Academy: 757-890-5011; Secondary Summer Academy: 757-890-5012

Transportation: Express bus service will be provided at designated stops throughout the county. These may differ from the current school year bus stops. The schedule will be available in early June 2022.

Attendance: Students enrolled in Summer Academy are expected to attend classes each day. Students may request permission from the program principal for excused absences.

Student Services: Students with an identified disability enrolled in Summer Academic Programs will be provided accommodations by YCSD staff.

Tuition: Preschool, Elementary, and Middle School Summer Academy Programs are offered tuition free. Summer Academy enrollments for high school credit are offered on a tuition basis. Please see the Virtual High School Summer Academy Program page for more information.

Books/Materials: Textbooks, instructional resources, and library services are available during Summer Academic Programs. All textbooks, library books, and resources must be returned in the condition that they were borrowed.

Technology: Students who enroll in Summer Academy may require access to a computer or laptop with Internet access. Students may continue using the York County School Division issued device during Summer Academy.

Assessments: End of Course SOL assessments will be administered for all high school credit bearing courses as listed in the program.

Conduct: Students participating in summer academy programs must abide by the York County School Division Student Handbook & Student Conduct Code and Acceptable Use Policy.

Food Service: Breakfast and lunch through the school meal program will be available free of charge for all students. All students may bring snacks and water to the summer academy program sites.

Parking: Students wishing to park on campus during Summer Academy must complete a registration form. Students must have a valid driver's license to park at YCSD schools.


Khrista Brownlee
Elementary Summer Academic Programs
Magruder Elementary School

Van Jones
Secondary Summer Academic Programs
Queens Lake Middle School

Anthony Friedman
Elementary Summer Academic Programs
Yorktown Elementary School

Lucas Witham
Secondary Summer Academic Programs
Yorktown Middle School

Heather Roberts
Elementary Summer Camp and Family Engagement
Yorktown Elementary School

Shari Vandygriff
Middle School Summer Camp and Family Engagement and High School Enrichment
Yorktown Middle School

Jessica Harless
Virtual High School Summer Academy
School Board Office

Kristin McNally
Virtual High School Summer Academy
School Board Office


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