Student & Staff Recognitions

Student Honor Rolls

Student honor rolls are calculated at the end of each marking period for grades 3 - 12. Courses in which students receive a numerical grade and earn credit is used in determining the honor roll. The honor roll is based on the average a student achieves each marking period.

2022-23 Honor Roll:

Seniors of the Month

Each high school selects a student each month who has excelled in academics, athletics, community service, school citizenship, or any area they feel deserves recognition. The student and family members are invited to attend the monthly school board meeting, where they are recognized for the achievement.

Bruton High School Senior of the Month   Grafton High School Senior of the Month   Tabb High School Senior of the Month   York High School Senior of the Month
Leah Schweitzer
Bruton High School
  Nicole Knight
Grafton High School
  Marissa Salisbury
Tabb High School
  Ashley Hunt
York High School

Teacher of the Year

The YCSD Teacher of the Year Program recognizes outstanding teachers who have displayed extraordinary teaching, creativity, and excellence at their school and in their community.

2023 Level Winners

Craig Reynolds   Nanci Diggs   Diandra Thompson
Craig Reynolds
Magruder Elementary School
Elementary School Teacher of the Year
& YCSD Teacher of the Year
  Nanci Diggs
Tabb Middle School
Middle School Teacher of the Year
  Diandra Thompson
York High School
High School Teacher of the Year

2023 School-based Teachers of the Year

The following teachers have been selected as their school's Teacher of the Year

Elementary Schools   Middle Schools
Lindsey Woodruff Bethel Manor Elementary School   Andrea Lee Grafton Middle School
Alexia Perkins Coventry Elementary School   Tracy Moler Queens Lake Middle School
Kristen Woodard Dare Elementary School   Nanci Diggs Tabb Middle School
Audrey Joyner Grafton Bethel Elementary School   Sherri Mair Yorktown Middle School
Craig Reynolds Magruder Elementary School      
Meagan Emmerson Mt. Vernon Elementary School   High Schools
Ryan Mattson Seaford Elementary School   Ingrid McGuckin Bruton High School
Amelia Soriano Tabb Elementary School   Gerris Greene Grafton High School
Susan Spratt Waller Mill Elementary School   Christina Majka Tabb High School
Jennifer Dawson Yorktown Elementary School   Diandra Thompson York High School
      Erik Tremblay York River Academy

2022 Para-Educators of the Year

From helping prepare materials, to monitoring students, to providing one-on-one support, para-educators play an important role in our student's learning and development. The Para-Educator of the Year award recognizes staff members who have displayed extraordinary service, creativity, and excellence in supporting student achievement as an active and contributing member of the instructional team.

Name School  

Milena Marinova

Milena Marinova
York River Academy
Division-Level Para-Educator of the Year

Jesica Green Bethel Manor Elementary School  
Jacqueline Kehoe Coventry Elementary School  
Pamela Reviea Dare Elementary School  
Kristi Bush Grafton Bethel Elementary School  
Rachael Bennett Magruder Elementary School  
Cynthia Ames Mt. Vernon Elementary School  
Holly Steineke Seaford Elementary School  
Dawn Stanton Tabb Elementary School  
Cynthia Feser Waller Mill Elementary School  
Thomas Philipoom Yorktown Elementary School  
Jason Reader Grafton Middle School  
Hunter Cridlin Queens Lake Middle School  
Gail Link Tabb Middle School  
Mary Worland Yorktown Middle School  
Claire White Grafton High School  
Ingrid Holzer-Miller Tabb High School  
Ramona Stotler York High School  
Milena Marinova York River Academy  

2022 Support Staff of the Year

Support staff employees include full- and part-time office, food services, and health services staff, as well as employees in various departments across the division. They play a critical role assisting teachers and administrators in providing services to the instructional program and facilities. The Support Staff of the Year award recognizes employees who have performed their duties in such an outstanding manner that they significantly contributed to the division mission and goals.

Name School  

Samuel Harrington

Samuel Harrington
Tabb Middle School
Division-Level Support Staff of the Year

Anna Collum Bethel Manor Elementary School  
Michelle Stewart Coventry Elementary School  
Heather Nielson Dare Elementary School  
Maria Sheets Grafton Bethel Elementary School  
Tyrone Little Magruder Elementary School  
Crystal Belcher Mt. Vernon Elementary School  
Arla Bell Seaford Elementary School  
Tanya Brevard Tabb Elementary School  
Annie Belott Waller Mill Elementary School  
Julie Thomas Yorktown Elementary School  
Craig Savchenko Grafton Middle School  
Laura Biondi Queens Lake Middle School  
Samuel Harrington Tabb Middle School  
Heather Price Yorktown Middle School  
Kimberly Barden-Robinson Bruton High School  
Johnnie Burke Grafton High School  
Holly Reeves Tabb High School  
Julia Warlick York River Academy  

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