General Calendar Questions

Why is there a student holiday the Friday before Labor Day so soon after the start of the school year?

In accordance with the Code of Virginia, school divisions previously ineligible to begin the school year prior to Labor Day are now permitted to begin the school year up to 14 days prior to Labor Day. However, if the division does adopt a Pre-Labor Day start, the division must have close schools the Friday prior to Labor Day as well as Labor Day.

Are any make-up days built into the calendar?

State law requires that the school year be 180 instructional days or 990 instructional hours. While the division has had years that included more than 180 days, the 2019-20 calendar has 180 instructional days.

Once a division closes for weather or other reasons, the state allows the division to either make up days according to a formula (make up the first five days missed, then one day for every two days missed) or use the instructional hours exceeding the 990 minimum, often called "banked time". While the division does have banked time built into the school year, the total banked time can be unique to a school or school level due to different schedules.

If schools close for inclement weather, will students be required to learn virtually?

YCSD uses the new VDOE guidance related to planning for virtual learning in inclement weather. Each weather event is unique, and multiple factors will influence whether the division shifts to virtual learning or cancels school for the day.

Why is Veterans Day not a student holiday?

The calendar committee identified several guiding considerations in the development of the school calendar: maintain a 3-day break at Thanksgiving, explore options for a 2-week winter break, and examine ways to decrease instructional fragmentation in November, December and January. To achieve these objectives, and meet the 180 required instructional days, Veterans Day was identified as an early release day rather than full student holiday.

What is the Preschool schedule on early release days?

For the remainder of the 2021-22 school year, students in Virginia Preschool Initiative (VPI), Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE), and the Integrated Preschool Outreach Program (IPOP) will not attend school on scheduled early release days. This decision was made to minimize disruption to our students and to provide families adequate planning time for childcare. This change will not impact the number of VPI instructional hours required by the VDOE. Please refer to the student calendar for a schedule of early release days.

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