Parent Resource Center

The Parent Resource Center (PRC) has been established as a part of York County School Division to help parents become effective partners in planning and implementing appropriate special education programs for their children. The PRC provides assistance to parents who need help finding information and resources needed for their children. Assistance is also available to parents in the areas of the special education process, current issues and support. Call your Parent Resource Center today to find out more. Assistance may be provided individually, in small groups or by providing workshops on various topics.

The Parent Resource Center's Goals

  • Helping parents understand the special education process
  • Promoting cooperation/communication between home, schools and community
  • Offering information about available services, the special education process and each disability category
  • Welcoming parents new to the system
  • Conferring at Special Education Advisory Committee meetings about parental concerns
  • Clarifying Terms, legislation and procedures
  • Presenting workshops on current issues and concerns


If you would like more information on the following please call or email the Parent Resource Center:

  • IEP and the Special Education Process
  • York County Public School Programs
  • Vocational opportunities for students
  • Your child's disability
  • Training programs for parents
  • Workshops
  • Monthly support meetings
  • Presentations during the day
  • Presentations in the evening
  • The York County Special Education Advisory Committee

If you are interested in volunteering for the following please give the Parent Resource Center a call: 890-1017

  • Working in the center
  • Arranging Presentations/Workshops
  • Providing refreshments for events
  • Working on the quarterly newsletter

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