Fund for Excellence

Our Mission is to support public education in York County by developing resources to encourage educational innovation, promote and recognize excellence, and address the needs of all students, faculty and staff.

Public education in the United States is at a crossroads. Depending on our actions, the future promises either continued decline and mediocrity or the development of effective solutions. The short and long-term impact on our children, our communities and our country is staggering.

Generations of York County residents have held to a value that is at the heart of this community - the belief that all children deserve an exceptional, high-quality education. Our Schools touch not only the lives of our children but also people of economic viability - from providing an educated workforce and offering local employers a key amenity that attracts quality employees, to being a major factor when people select a neighborhood in which to live. Our schools make a difference each and every day in our quality of life.

As important as the public schools are to the quality of life in York County, they are, more than ever, vulnerable to the realities of growing needs and shrinking resources. Here, and throughout the country, education is dealing with the continuing sting of financial cuts that place stress on all levels of government. While expectations soar and resources dwindle, our schools are working to level the playing field so our children can compete in a global economy.

As expectations change, the York County School Division must ensure that our children are taught not only the basics but the skills needed to compete globally. We must help them to approach education with the sense of joy that will encourage them to become inquisitive life-long learners. Because this approach requires additional funding, public/private partnerships in the form of education foundations have been developed in thousands of school districts across the nation, and York County was among the first in this region.

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