Course Catalog

The York County School Division has expanded its academic program by offering engaging and interactive online courses through a virtual learning environment. Both academic and elective courses from the York County School Division Program of Studies are taught by highly qualified staff. Students enrolled in virtual learning courses may access their coursework through any computer with an Internet connection. Students participating in virtual courses are most successful if they are independent learners, have good time management skills, and maintain a regular schedule of logging into courses and communicating with the online teacher.

York County School Division Virtual High School (VHS)
Virtual High School (VHS) offers opportunities for students to participate in online courses through an approval process. Core and elective courses may be requested based on the student's individual circumstances. Students are required to attend training and login these online courses daily. Students are actively engaged in online discussion and learn to track messages, submit documents electronically, and meet online with teachers and students using a chat component.

Some online courses require tuition payment, and the amount of tuition is determined based on the enrollment and student's circumstances. Students may make an appointment with their guidance counselor and ask about the online courses available.

The Secondary Program of Studies provides a complete directory of virtual courses offered within the York County School Division, along with course descriptions.

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