2011-12 School Year

July 1 - September 12 Registration & Enrollment Period
August 15 Cohort I Q1 Begins
August 22 Cohort II Q1 Begins
September 6 Cohort III Q1 Begins
September 2 Cohort I & II Withdrawal Deadline
September 16 Cohort III Withdrawal Deadline
October 14 Cohort I Q1 Ends (44)
October 21 Cohort II Q1 Ends (44)
October 17 Cohort I Q2 Begins
October 25 Cohort II Q2 Begins
November 10 Cohort III Q1 Ends (47)
November 14 Cohort III Q2 Begins
January 5 Cohort I Q2/Semester I Ends (46)
January 12 Cohort II Q2/Semester I Ends (46)
January 26 Cohort III Q2/Semester I Ends (43)
January 9 Cohort I Q3 Begins
January 17 Cohort II Q3 Begins
January 30 Cohort III Q3 Begins
March 12 Cohort I Q3 Ends (44)
March 14 Cohort I Q4 Begins
March 19 Cohort II Q3 Ends (44)
March 21 Cohort II Q4 Begins
April 6 Cohort III Q3 Ends (48)
April 16 Cohort III Q4 Begins
May 23 Cohort I Q4/Semester I Ends (46)
May 31 Cohort I Q4/Semester I Ends (46)
June 14 Cohort I Q4/Semester I Ends (42)

Students must be currently enrolled in a Virginia public school division to be qualified for enrollment in the York County School Division Virtual High School program. Click here to view the Enrollment requirements.

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