The York County School Division Virtual Learning Program and its Virtual High School (VHS) provides a comprehensive online program that offers a full suite of academic and elective courses. The goal of the Virtual Learning Program is to provide students with interactive and engaging courses through a wide range of activities, assignments, research and discussion.

Organizational Structure:
The York County School Division Virtual High School was established to meet the unique needs of students. It was the vision of the division's senior leadership staff to provide access and equity by making high-quality online courses and highly qualified teachers available to students through a Virtual High School program. Working together to make the vision a reality, the School Board endorsed the program in 2003. Through the leadership of the Instructional Department staff, the Virtual Learning Program began its operation with twelve students, five teachers, enrolled in four core courses. The program has now blossomed over seven years to include working with other departments including School Administration and the Department of Student Services to enroll students in the virtual program. The partnership of staff collaborating and working together creates the strength necessary to meet the growing demands of Virtual Learning Program. The direct leadership of the program is the responsibility of the Coordinator of Online Learning assisted by the Online Learning Specialist. Their goal is to ensure that all students have an equal opportunity to succeed through online learning. This is accomplished through personal communication with all students, parents, guidance staff, school administrators, and school board office staff.

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