Quick Facts About Virtual Learning

  1. What is the YCSD VHS?
    The Virtual High School (VHS) is a program that offers interactive online courses to secondary students. Courses are delivered using a course "learning management system" through the Internet and available to students 24 hours a day. Students are actively engaged in online discussions and learn to track messages, submit documents electronically, and meet online with teachers and students through a "virtual classroom". Students must have an active email account, access to word processing and presentation software, Internet, and specific plug-ins.

  2. Where can I find more information about taking online AP courses?
    More information about online AP courses can be found in the York County School Division Program of Studies. The Program of Studies is available at each high school.

  3. Will I have to login every day?
    Students are required to login to each course at least once every day. Students must stay on task, meet deadlines, and seek help from the teacher when needed. Since students have access 24 hours a day, it is suggested that students check the course frequently for new announcements and discussion postings.

  4. When do courses begin & end during the school year?
    Online courses begin in September and end in June of each school year.

  5. Who will teach the course?
    There are high-qualified "live" teachers instructing each online course. Teachers will post announcements, make assignments available and communicate regularly with students.

  6. What about training?
    Once a student is enrolled in an online course, training sessions are scheduled and announced by the Coordinator of Online Learning. Training sessions will be held at a York County School Division high school, and on-going sessions are scheduled.

  7. Is there a cost to take the course?
    Some online courses require tuition payment, and the amount of tuition is determined based on the enrollment and student's circumstances.

  8. How do I take mandated testing online?
    All online students report to an on-site location to take the required SOL tests, semester exams and AP tests.

  9. What happens if my computer goes down?
    Students should notify their online teachers immediately by phone. The York County Public Libraries are available for students to use computers to access VHS courses. Students should make arrangements to visit the library to continue assigned work.

  10. What happens if I withdraw from the course?
    There will be a period for enrolling and withdrawing from a course. Students who withdraw after the 3rd week of September or January may incur a financial penalty and full tuition may be required.

  11. What is required if taking an online AP course?
    All online students taking AP courses are required to take AP exams. In addition, students must complete summer assignments prior to the start of the course.

  12. How do I sign up for an online course?
    Students may make an appointment with their guidance counselor and ask about the online courses available. Students may request online courses as an alternative to the regular classroom setting through guidance, and approval is based on the student's individual circumstances.

  13. Are online courses offered in summer school?
    Online courses are offered as a part of Summer Academy each year for students enrolled as rising 9th through current 12th grade. Information is published to schools in April. Students may register at their home schools or during a walk-in registration that is scheduled in June after the school year ends. Tuition applies for summer online courses.

  14. What courses are offered online?
    Students and parents may obtain more information about online courses in the Secondary Program of Studies.

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