Summer Assignments

Summer Reading For All
In the York County School Division, we believe summer reading should empower students to develop an appreciation for reading and enable them to become lifelong readers and learners. Beginning in 2018, YCSD expanded summer reading expectations for students entering grades 6-12. Every middle and high school student is expected to engage in summer reading, and the coursework accompanying this summer reading requirement will be based upon the students’ English class enrollment for the 2019-20 school year.

Regular English
All students entering regular English in grades 6-12 will read at least one book of their choosing this summer. In September, students will complete an activity related to their summer reading. To help students and their parents with this new requirement, schools are sending home information to parents, and teachers are reviewing expectations with students in class. Additionally, the division has compiled a list of high-interest, age-appropriate books identified for middle and high school students. The lists are available by clicking on the appropriate links below.

Advanced/AP English
All students entering Advanced or AP English classes will read the book(s) selected by each school for specific courses and complete the assigned coursework for that class. Reading lists for each school and class, along with the accompanying assignment, are available by clicking on the school links below.

Video Guides:

Note: The graphic organizers and annotation templates for the advanced and AP English courses are provided in Microsoft Word format. If you do not have Microsoft Word on your computer, you may access it using Citrix.

Please click on the name of your school to access the required summer assignment handouts for your school and course.

Grafton Middle School

Queens Lake Middle School

Tabb Middle School

Yorktown Middle School

Bruton High School

Grafton High School

Tabb High School

York High School

School of the Arts

Completion time for the English summer assignments will vary according to the individual student's reading level and speed, as well as the depth and thoughtfulness of the responses provided to the written component of the assignment. For the middle school advanced English summer assignment, students may average an estimated 8-10 hours to read the book and complete the graphic organizer. For the high school summer assignment, students may average an estimated 30 hours to complete the assignment. Students are encouraged to spend time on the assignments over several weeks.

Note: Assignments for SOA and IB students are provided by these programs.

If students have general questions about the summer assignments, they should contact the coordinator for the specific content area.

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