Committee for Minority Affairs

The Committee for Minority Affairs (CFMA) is made up of a group of administrators, teachers, and parents who meet quarterly to monitor the implementation of the recommendations of the Minority Student Achievement Task Force. CFMA was established in 2004 to implement the recommendations of the minority student achievement task force. The minority achievement task force goals are as follows:

  1. Identify strategies to close the achievement gap between minorities and non-minorities
    The CFMA created a distric--wide implementation plan that identified strategies by department. Data regarding the closing of the achievement gap is provided annually and utilized by the CFMA to determine the success level of various strategies. The complete implementation plan was reviewed and updated in 2009 to reflect current data trends and academic focus.

  2. Meet the annual targets and goals for compliance with the No Child Left Behind Act
    The CFMA monitors the York County School Division's compliance in meeting NCLB targets for the minority subgroup. The data is then utilized to update the implementation plan and advise liaisons and building administrators on academic programming.

  3. Recommend specific objectives for African-American student participation in and achievement on Advanced Placement and SAT tests
    The CFMA reviews data annually on AP and SAT minority participation and achievement. The information is then utilized to update the implementation plan and, in 2009, update the York County School Division's instructional objectives to reflect progress and continue improvement.

  4. Improve staff understanding of racial and cultural diversity through professional development
    Through the implementation plan, the human resources department, the CFMA and the CFMA liaisons have implemented a wide ranging professional development program to provide opportunities for meaningful dialogue and increased cultural awareness. Each school is assigned a CFMA liaison who works with the YCSD staff and students to improve the building level awareness of racial and cultural diversity. In addition, the human resources department has implemented additional supports for increasing the minority presence on staff.

In 2010 the CFMA continues to monitor the achievement of minority students in the York County School Division and utilize a wealth of community and school resources to improve the opportunities for success of minority students. The current implementation plan focuses on the areas of increasing cultural and racial diversity, increasing academic and social-emotional growth of minority students, enhancing recruitment for and access to accelerated programs for minority students, increasing parent and community involvement, and increasing the representation and retention of minority staff. To provide opportunities that will ensure academic and social-emotional growth of minority students, each school has a CFMA School Liaison. View the roles of CFMA School Liaisons

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