Canvas LMS

YCSD has adopted Canvas, a modern and innovative learning management system to support virtual learning during Summer Academy 2020 and during the upcoming school year.

What is Canvas?

Canvas is a learning management system (LMS) that allows teachers to provide instructional support, class calendars, assignments, and resources for students in a safe online environment. For traditional face to face classes, Canvas is an integral part of sharing blended classroom instruction.

The District hopes that this resource will provide you with specific information about your student's curricula, so you have a better understanding of the work that teachers and students are doing. We hope you use this information to communicate to your child(ren) that the skills and content identified in these courses are important to master.

As a parent, you will be identified as an "observer" in the virtual class and have limited permissions that allow you to see what is going on in a course and a calendar of assignments. Like students, you will not be able to view a course until it is published and the course has started.

Below are the features available to parents. Please note that not all courses use all features.

  • Set your notifications
  • View the dashboard
  • View the course syllabus (for upper grades)
  • View prompts but not participate in discussions
  • View but not submit assignments
  • Preview and download some files
  • View the modules page
  • View canvas grades (this does not replace final, summative grades in Aspen)
  • View the class calendar
  • Communicate with the teacher

Whereas Canvas is our new learning management system, Aspen will continue to be our student information system and will continue to be used for parent contact information, daily attendance records, interim and quarterly grade reports, and other record keeping documents. In addition, students will continue to have access to Microsoft Office 365 and Teams; however, these resources will now be accessible through Canvas along with other online resources used by YCSD teachers and students.

For assistance with assignments, test dates, quizzes, or other Canvas course content, please contact your student's teacher.

For technical assistance, please contact Canvas using the help feature within your student's course.

Canvas Parent Mobile APP

The Canvas Parent app is the mobile version of Canvas that helps parents stay up-to-date with their student's courses. Download the Canvas Parent app on Android and iOS devices.

Canvas Student Resources

Canvas Parent Resources

Mastery Connect

Mastery Connect is an assessment and curriculum platform designed to work within the Canvas learning management system to facilitate a variety of student assessments. Students and teachers should access Mastery Connect through the Canvas LMS application.

Mastery Connect Resources

Canvas/Mastery Connect Login

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