FY18-22 Progress Reporting

Each of the five identified Strategic Plan goals has supporting objectives identified to help achieve the goal. Through the strategic plan period, division staff provide updates on the work underway and progress towards completing each objective.

Updates within a given fiscal year as based on both the timeliness of data release and implementation status of an objective. Objectives may be considered Under Development, In Progress, or Fully Implemented. Typically, only those objective that are labeled as In Progress will have an annual update.

Goal 1 - Student Achievement

York County students will consistently demonstrate growth and excellence in the skills and knowledge needed to be productive citizens.

State and Federal Targets

In Progress

The division and each school will meet or exceed state and federal targets for all students and subgroups including closing achievement gaps in Math, English and Graduation Rates.

September 2018 Board Presentation - State & Federal Targets

September 2019 Board Presentation - State & Federal Targets

3rd Grade Reading

In Progress

90 percent of all third grade students will be reading at or above grade level as measured by the Standards of Learning Grade Three Reading Research and Literature Assessment.

September 2018 Board Presentation - 3rd Grade Reading

September 2019 Board Presentation - 3rd Grade Reading

College & Career Readiness

In Progress

By FY22, the percentage of 10th grade students achieving the "College and Career Ready" benchmark of 910 on the PSAT will improve by 6 percentage points.

March 2019 Board Presentation - College & Career Readiness

March 2020 Board Presentation - College & Career Readiness

Gifted Education Gap

In Progress

By FY22, the gap between underrepresented student groups and the general population participating in the gifted education program will be reduced by 2.5%.

November 2019 Board Presentation - Gifted Education Gap

Advanced Placement Gap

In Progress

By FY22, the gap between underrepresented student groups and the general population participating in Advanced Placement course enrollment will be reduced by 50%.

November 2019 Board Presentation - Advanced Placement Gap

Math Model

In Progress

By FY22, develop a K-12 math model that aligns to the VDOE math standards and includes best practices for math instruction.

October 2018 Board Presentation - Math Model

October 2019 Executive Report - Math Model

K-12 Curriculum Guides

In Progress

By FY22, revise current YCSD K-12 curriculum guides to support the VDOE standards of learning, as well as the core components of the PSAT and SAT, to address word study and vocabulary.

June 2019 Executive Report - K-12 Curriculum Guides

June 2020 Executive Report - K-12 Curriculum Guides

Digital Competencies

In Progress

By FY22, YCSD will develop and implement a continuum of digital competencies that will be integrated into grade level curriculum.

November 2018 Board Presentation - Digital Competencies

October 2019 Executive Report - Digital Competencies

Goal 2 - Student Experiences

The York County School Division will engage all students in rigorous educational experiences.

Authentic Learning Experiences

In Progress

By FY22, each teacher will implement and assess at least two authentic learning experiences annually, in which students engage in research, critical thinking and/or problem solving while learning the content of the curriculum.

September 2018 Executive Report - Authentic Learning Experiences

September 2019 Executive Report - Authentic Learning Experiences

Oral Communication

In Progress

By FY22, all K-12 core classes will include an oral communication requirement each semester.

June 2019 Executive Report - Oral Communication

Written Communication

In Progress

By FY22, all middle and high school core classes will include a written communication requirement each semester that includes the development of a written product.

June 2019 Executive Report - Written Communication

Workplace Readiness

In Progress

By FY22, develop an appropriate measure of workplace readiness skills for middle and high school students that accurately reflects demonstration and mastery of these competencies.

May 2019 Board Presentation - Workplace Readiness

Financial Literacy

In Progress

Staff will evaluate and revise the Economics and Personal Finance Course to include authentic financial literacy experiences.

February 2020 Board Presentation - Financial Literacy

Intern Experiences

In Progress

By FY22, all YCSD students will complete an internship, mentorship or job shadowing experience prior to graduation.

December 2018 Board Presentation - Intern Experiences

Career Awareness

In Progress

By FY22, all schools will provide career awareness and exploration opportunities for students in designated grades at the elementary, middle and high school level.

March 2019 Board Presentation - Career Awareness

December 2019 Board Presentation - Career Awareness

High-Demand Clubs

In Progress

Increase the number of clubs at the elementary and middle school levels to increase exposure and interest in high-demand fields such as robotics, engineering, cyber-security, etc.

March 2019 Board Presentation - High-Demand Clubs

Program Evaluation

In Progress

A program evaluation of our current service delivery model for students with disabilities will be conducted by the end of the 2018-2019 school year. Approved recommendations will be implemented in subsequent years.

January 2019 Board Presentation - Program Evaluation

February 2020 Board Presentation - Program Evaluation

June 2020 Board Presentation - Program Evaluation

Goal 3 - Staff Support

The York County School Division will recruit, hire, retain and support a diverse staff that meets our highest standards.

Professional Development

In Progress

Provide all staff a continuous cycle of high-quality, targeted professional development that aligns to the division's strategic plan and is supported by current and emerging research.

June 2019 Executive Report - Professional Development

June 2020 Executive Report - Professional Development


In Progress

The division will implement data-driven strategies to recruit and retain a diverse workforce.

December 2018 Board Presentation - Recruitment

December 2019 Board Presentation - Recruitment

Compensation Package

In Progress

The compensation package for licensed staff will remain in the top three of the Hampton Roads comparator market of nine school divisions through FY22.

January 2019 Board Presentation - Compensation Package

January 2020 Board Presentation - Compensation Package

Compensation Benchmarks


By FY20, the division will identify benchmarks for the non-licensed staff and administrator compensation package in relation to the Hampton Roads comparator market for use in the quadrennial review cycle.

August 2019 Executive Report - Compensation Benchmarks

New Employee Support

In Progress

The division will provide new employees with effective support, as measured by mid-year and end of year surveys of new employees. Milestones relating to the target level of support and/or growth will be developed for FY18 and subsequent years.

March 2020 Board Presentation - New Employee Support

Community Resources

Under Development

By FY22, identify and promote a comprehensive list of community resources, opportunities and activities available to York County School Division employees as a result of their employment with the division.

Working Conditions

In Progress

The division will evaluate employee working conditions annually and implement appropriate and targeted improvement plans based on data collected through working conditions surveys, standardized resignations forms, and optional exit interviews.

October 2019 Board Presentation - Licensed Working Conditions

Staff Involvement & Feedback


By FY19, the superintendent will establish standard operating procedures to provide all employee groups opportunities for involvement and feedback in division practices and procedures.

September 2018 Executive Report - Staff Involvement & Feedback

Goal 4 - School Culture

The York County School Division will foster effective partnerships with families and our community and promote positive relationships between and among staff, students and families.

Family Engagement

In Progress

By August 2019, individualized school-level family engagement plans, based on student and parent input, will be developed and maintained as part of each school's School Improvement Plan.

June 2019 Board Presentation - Family Engagement

June 2020 Board Presentation - Family Engagement

Cultural Awareness

In Progress

By FY20, the division will develop and implement ongoing and relevant evidence-based professional development to foster respect for students and families of diverse cultures.

June 2019 Board Presentation - Cultural Awareness

May 2020 Board Presentation - Cultural Awareness

Cultural Learning Opportunities

In Progress

By August 2020, each school will develop cultural learning opportunities that help prepare our students to engage with the diverse populations in our local and global community.

June 2019 Board Presentation - Cultural Learning Opportunities

May 2020 Board Presentation - Cultural Learning Opportunities

Student Behavior

In Progress

Staff will implement programs and protocols to reduce behavior referrals and out-of-school suspensions by FY22, with a focus on reducing exclusionary practices and disproportionality.

November 2018 Board Presentation - Student Behavior

November 2019 Board Presentation - Student Behavior

Superintendent's Roundtable

In Progress

By FY19, the superintendent will establish and maintain a business and civic community roundtable to establish mutual goals and opportunities for collaboration that support students' academic and personal success.

October 2018 Board Presentation - Superintendent's Roundtable

March 2020 Board Presentation - Superintendent's Roundtable

School Board Engagement

In Progress

School Board members will implement continuous community engagement practices through targeted and intentional interactions with students, staff, parents and community members. Community engagement practices will be based on current research and professional learning opportunities at the local, state and/or national levels.

January 2020 Board Presentation - School Board Engagement

Goal 5 - Operational Stewardship

The York County School Division will maintain efficient, effective, service-oriented operations that support student achievement in safe, secure environments.

Class Size

In Progress

The division average class sizes will be at or below 20:1 for students in grades K-2 and 25:1 for students grades 3-5, subject to available resources and factoring in special populations. The class size in core content courses at the secondary level will be below 30 students, subject to available resources.

October 2018 Board Presentation - Class Size

October 2019 Board Presentation - Class Size

Allocation of Resources

In Progress

Resources will be allocated to maximize student achievement. Annual budget documents will include quantitative and qualitative information pertaining to how the allocation of resources maximizes student achievement.

February 2019 Executive Report - Allocation of Resources

February 2020 Executive Report - Allocation of Resources

Classroom Technology

Under Development

By FY20, YCSD will evaluate current access to contemporary and effective technology resources in order to support the use of technology in the classroom.

Performance Measures

In Progress

The division will maintain or exceed the three year average on identified performance measures to guide efficient, effective, service-oriented operations.

February 2019 Executive Report - Performance Measures

February 2020 Executive Report - Performance Measures

Department Support

In Progress

By FY22, increase the level of satisfaction as reported by administrators and staff regarding support provided by division-level departments, over FY18 benchmarks as measured by annual staff surveys.

December 2018 Executive Report - Department Support

September 2019 Executive Report - Department Support

Safety & Security

In Progress

Staff will continue to evaluate and implement procedures annually that support safe, secure educational environments.

November 2018 Board Presentation - Safety & Security

November 2019 Board Presentation - Safety & Security

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