York County School Division Strategic Plan

Goal 4: Partnerships & Relationships

Objective: Relationships

  • Staff will continue to implement and refine strategies annually to promote positive relationships among students.

    • Schools continued to provide many activities throughout the year for students that build a sense of belonging and positive relationships through several programs that promote and recognize good citizenship. For example, schools offered character development activities, guidance lessons, conflict resolution opportunities, positive thinking activities, decision making activities, bullying prevention activities, mentoring programs, peer helpers and other support groups, volunteer service opportunities, and friendship networks.
    • Elementary Level Examples
      • Provide every class with classroom guidance lessons specifically on bullying
      • "Bucket Filling" project in which positive comments are placed in people's bucket
      • Student activity: Rip apart a paper-student with unkind words and try to put him back together. Students understand that although they can apologize, unkind words leave scars.
      • Bully Raps: students developed anti-bully raps and created videos
      • Buddy Benches in all elementary school playgrounds

      Secondary Level Examples
      • The Green Zone program emphasizes civility and encourages students to use the right tone and words when they speak
      • Rachel's Challenge - program that promotes kindness to each other
      • Assemblies and video programs such as "Active Bystander" and "The Cyberworld of Middle School Students"
      • Tolerance Wall which students add tiles containing messages of tolerance and anti-bullying
    • A division Bullying Prevention Committee held several meetings and as a result of the committee's work, additional bullying prevention resources were added to the division website and all school websites. The division has also launched an online Bullying Report form to complement our existing Hotline. The state conducted a survey for the middle schools. The principals used the results from that survey to develop strategies to improve student relationships in their buildings.

    • Internet safety instruction was provided to students and information on this topic was also included on the division's Intranet for teachers and on the division's website for parents.

    • Information for parents on a myriad of topics was available on the division's website. During the fall of 2013, teachers, administrators, maintenance and transportation staff completed training on the following topics: bullying, cyber-bullying and harassment.

  • Staff will facilitate strong school-family relationships, including welcoming school environments and effective two-way communication with families. Schools and departments will provide data to measure the facilitation of strong family-school relationships.

    • Schools held various activities that involved parents in the education of their children. A few of the many activities included hands-on science activities, fun and fitness nights, school-wide reading activities, storybook character parades, movie nights, Reader's Theater, Parent/Teacher Conferences, Parent Universities, Math Moms, Career Night, High School Credit Night, and individual guidance meetings with parents and students.

    • Several school based administrators and central office staff attended the Family Engagement Conference. Strategies of engagement were discussed with representatives from each of the schools. Some of these strategies, such as effective ways to increase parent involvement and solicit parent input, have been used in the review and development of an integrated K-5 literacy model and in the review of the secondary guidance program evaluation.

    • The division continues to develop its social media presence for communicating with parents and the community. Since launching at the start of the 2012-13 school year, the division's Facebook page garnered more than 1,441 likes, while @YCSD Twitter added than 750 new followers during the 2013-14 school year.

    • In 2013-14, volunteers and partners provided more than 111,000 hours of service to YCSD.
    • YCSD Volunteer Hours
      2013-14 School Year 111,292
      2012-13 School Year 122,108
      2011-12 School Year 115,877
    • The York Foundation for Public Education, Inc. (YFPE) increased support for educational initiatives, with a total of $158,475 in disbursements. The YFPE also increased the value of its endowment to $299,742 in order to support future generations of division students. Generous support from community members and organizations, including new business partnerships, private donors and additional event fundraisers made this possible.

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