York County School Division Strategic Plan

Goal 5: Efficiency & Safety

Objective: Safe, Secure Environments

  • Staff will support safe, secure educational environments. Examples of activities relating to this objective include the following actions: collaborating with local public safety agencies; maintaining appropriate administrative staffing; conducting annual maintenance of surveillance cameras and access control; reviewing/refining crisis management plans annually; and participating in safe schools training.

The following activities were undertaken by Division staff to support safe and secure school environments.

  • During the fall of 2013, all teachers, administrators, maintenance and transportation staff completed training on the following topics: Bullying: Recognition and Response and Cyber Bullying.

  • Resources on bullying prevention are available on the division website for teachers, parents and students.

  • A climate survey was developed by the division-wide Bullying Prevention committee to be administered to students at all levels during the spring of 2014.

  • All crisis management plans were reviewed by School Board Office staff during August 2013.

  • Intruder drills are held at all schools in conjunction with York County Department of Fire and Life Safety and York/Poquoson Sheriff's Office. Debriefing meetings are held after each drill to evaluate the drill and refine points of emphasis.

  • Procedures for an earthquake drill have been added to the crisis management plan. One Earthquake drill is held annually in all schools.

  • Law enforcement and Fire and Life Safety personnel provide training on various safety related topics to administrators.

  • Playgrounds are inspected monthly.

  • Facility inspections of all schools and buildings are conducted by division staff on an annual basis.

  • Table top discussions with scenarios will be held in January of 2014 with all administrators on safety.

  • Safety training is given to all new employees as well as tenured employees annually.

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