York County School Division Strategic Plan

Goal 5: Efficiency & Safety

Objective: Allocation of Resources

  • Resources will be allocated to maximize student achievement. Annual budget documents will include quantitative and qualitative information pertaining to how the allocation of resources maximizes student achievement.

    • Budget reductions for FY10, FY11, FY12, FY13 and FY14 were made strategically to maximize student achievement.

    • Instructional expenditures were reduced in FY10, FY11 and FY12 less than expenditures at the School Board Office and in Operations and Maintenance.

    • No currently filled teaching positions were cut from the budget in FY10, FY11 or FY12.

    • The adopted FY10, FY11, FY12, FY13 and FY14 budgets included the staffing required to meet the class-size objectives set forth in the strategic plan.

    • Extensive quantitative and qualitative information pertaining to the allocation of resources to maximize student achievement is included in the budget document and on the school division website.

    • Academic Efficiency of Dollars Spent
      In a comparison of per pupil expenditures for school divisions in the Hampton Roads region as compared to the ranking of pass rates for English SOL and Math SOL scores, the York County School Division was ranked 9th in per pupil spending; 1st in English and Math SOL scores; and 2nd in graduation rates.

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