York County School Division Strategic Plan

Goal 3: Recruitment & Retention

Objective: Support & Retention

  • The division will provide new employees with effective support, as measured by end-of year surveys of new employees. Milestones relating to the target level of support and/or growth in support will be developed for FY14 and subsequent years.

    • The HR "New Employee Evaluation" survey is sent based on a list of all new staff hired effective July 1, 2013. The report below reflects results received from the surveys sent to 69 new staff members. A total of 26 staff members responded to the survey.
    • Small focus group sessions will be scheduled starting in January 2014 to determine how we might better service new staff members.

  • At least 60% of departing employees will participate in an exit interview or survey and the division will use the data from the interviews and surveys to inform efforts to retain staff.

    • An exit survey is sent to all licensed and non-licensed staff members resigning or retiring. The survey is completed and returned to HR by regular mail or through email.

    • A total of 109 exit surveys were sent. We received 75 completed surveys for a total percentage of 68%.

      • This is the breakdown of Licensed and Non-licensed survey statistics:

      • Licensed surveys
        • Total sent = 73
        • Total received = 52
        • Percentage received = 71%

        Non-Licensed surveys
        • Total sent = 36
        • Total received = 23
        • Percentage received = 63%

    • The survey results are compiled and the report is sent to the Director of Human Resources and the Superintendent.

  • The division will contribute to the retention and support of instructional staff, principals, and assistant principals through an evaluation system focused on collaboration, student progress, formative observation, and feedback.

    • For the past two years, teachers, administrators and central office staff worked collaboratively to develop an Evaluation System that aims to foster continuous growth and helps employees maximize their job performance.

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