York County School Division Strategic Plan

Goal 2: Engagement & Rigor

The York County School Division will engage all students in rigorous educational experiences.

  • The division average class size at the elementary level will be at or below 20:1 for students in grades K-2 and 25:1 for students in grades 3-5, subject to available resources. The division average class size in core courses at the secondary level will be below 30 students, subject to available resources.

  • By FY17, each teacher will develop and implement at least two transformative learning projects annually. Each student will experience at least one uniform transformative learning project annually, in which they conduct research and use oral and written communication skills to make productive contributions to the world while learning the content of the curriculum. As appropriate, performance tasks should also utilize technology that is designed to amplify and improve the quality of student work.

  • Prior to FY15, staff will develop curriculum for a middle school course that prepares students for challenging high school courses.

  • The division will continue to provide engaging, rigorous opportunities for student learning through multiple magnet/thematic programs.

  • Staff will review and make recommendations regarding secondary course options in high demand career fields to be offered beginning in FY15.

  • By FY17, 75% of graduating seniors will have earned a career and technical certificate, state license, or national occupational assessment credential.
    Fiscal Year Target
    FY14 10%
    FY15 25%
    FY16 50%
    FY17 75%
  • The Division will expand the integration of online learning with face-to-face instruction within the same course.
    Fiscal Year Target
    FY14 10% of teachers in grades 4-12
    FY15 15% of teachers in grades 4-12
    FY16 23% of teachers in grades 4-12
    FY17 33% of teachers in grades 4-12
  • The Division will increase student and staff access to digital resources from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. Performance benchmarks will relate to the ratio of digital devices per student/faculty member, the wireless and wired networks, bandwidth, storage capacity, and the overall technology infrastructure.

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