York County School Division Strategic Plan

Goal 1: Growth & Excellence

York County students will consistently demonstrate growth and excellence in the skills and knowledge needed to be productive citizens.

  • The division and each school will meet or exceed state and federal targets for all students and subgroups including closing achievement gaps in Math, English and the Federal Graduation Index.

  • By FY17, 90 percent of all third grade students will be reading at or above grade level as measured by the Standards of Learning Grade Three Reading Research and Literature Assessment.
    • Each year the division will close the gap between the FY13 baseline and the FY17 target by 2.5%.
    Fiscal Year Target
    Baseline 79.8%
    FY14 82.5%
    FY15 85.0%
    FY16 87.5%
    FY17 90.0%
  • Staff will evaluate the current elementary reading model and K-12 writing model to develop an integrated K-5 literacy model by June 2014. A literacy model that integrates reading and writing at the secondary level will be developed by June 2015.

  • By FY17, the percentage of high school graduates earning an Advanced Studies diploma out of the total number of diplomas awarded will increase 4 percentage points above the number awarded in 2012.
  • Fiscal Year Target
    Baseline 65%
    FY14 66%
    FY15 67%
    FY16 68%
    FY17 69%
  • By FY17, the number of advanced studies diploma graduates achieving the "College and Career Ready" standard on the SAT will increase 4 percentage points above the percentage earned in 2012.
  • Fiscal Year Target
    Baseline 56%
    FY14 57%
    FY15 58%
    FY16 59%
    FY17 60%
  • Using FY13 as the benchmark, the number of scores of 3 or higher on Advanced Placement Exams will increase by 5 percent annually.
  • Fiscal Year Target
    Baseline 1442
    FY14 1514
    FY15 1589
    FY16 1669
    FY17 1753
  • By FY17, the percentage of underrepresented student groups taking advanced courses in grade 6, 7 and 8 will increase by 40 percent over the number enrolled in 2013.
  • Fiscal Year Target
    Baseline 7.9% Black (14%)* 8.3% Econ. Disadv. (18%)*
    FY14 8.1% Black 8.6% Econ. Disadv.
    FY15 9.1% Black 9.6% Econ. Disadv.
    FY16 10.1% Black 10.6% Econ. Disadv.
    FY17 11.1% Black 11.6% Econ. Disadv.

    *Percentage in general population

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