The York County School Division offers a great service for parents - Edline. Through Edline, parents are able to monitor their child's grades, access combined calendars and receive emails from schools and teachers.

Parents whose children are attending a different school this year or who did not activate their Edline accounts last year will receive an activation code for Edline no later than at Back-to-School Night. All other parents may continue to use their Edline user names and passwords that were created previously. Grades will continue to be reported through Edline for students in grades 3-12. All parents who activate accounts, including those with K-2 students, will receive informative school emails and teacher posted resources through the Edline system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Edline posts answers to frequently asked questions on its site through the "Help" link. To assist parents with this function, below are the most frequently asked questions and the applicable edline link.

How do I activate my account? How do I login? I've lost my password, how do I get a new one? I've received an error message, what does it mean? http://www.edline.com/docs/Edline_Help/school/Edline_Help.htm#how-do-I-start.htm

Where do the links on my homepage take me?

How do I find my student's grades?

My child's teacher hasn't posted grades in several days. Why not? Please contact your child's teacher to determine how often she/he will be posting grades. Some assignments will take longer to grade than others.

I live in a household separate from my child, how can I get another activation code? All you need to do is request a second parent code from your child's school. Once you activate your code, you will be able to see all of your child's private reports.

Help Guides
Account Setup
Student/Parent Quick-Start Guide

If you have other questions about Edline, please contact us


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