Dare Elementary School Addition

In the Fall of 2008 Dare Elementary School received a classroom addition. This addition began the transformation of the school into a geothermally heated and cooled school, one of the most efficient methods to heat and cool a building. Over the next few years all of the old heating and air conditioning equipment in the entire building will be replaced with geothermal units. Students and teachers are already enjoying the benefits of the new classrooms with many energy saving features. The addition focused on enhancing the educational environment through the use of new computers, projectors and wireless technology but also stressed energy efficiency. Some of the high performance strategies used were:

  • Geothermal heating and cooling systems
  • Individual temperature controls in each classroom which allow the occupant to adjust the temperature as needed
  • Direct Digital Control (DDC) building automation control of the geothermal systems and other equipment
  • T-8 fluorescent lighting meeting the new state guidelines
  • Occupancy sensors and bi-level light switching
  • Occupancy sensors interface with the building automation system to reset HVAC equipment setpoints when rooms are unoccupied
  • High-efficiency thermal pane windows
Size: 9,021 sq ft
Current Site Energy Intensity: 32.4 kBtu/sq ft
Completed: September 2008
Architect: Rodriguez Ripley Maddux Motley PC
Engineer: Thompson Consulting Engineers, Inc.

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