ENERGY STAR Building Awards

ENERGY STAR Building Awards

The York County School Division takes energy conservation very seriously. Since we started keeping records in 2004, the division has saved over 95 billion BTU's of energy. To put this number into perspective, it is equal to the annual energy usage of 2,784 homes. The environmental impact of our energy savings equates to permanently removing over 2 thousand cars from the road or planting over 300 thousand trees. The division has saved over $2 million dollars in energy costs.

An ENERGY STAR qualified building meets very strict energy, lighting and indoor air quality standards set by EPA. These buildings use less energy, are less expensive to operate, and generate fewer greenhouse gas emissions than their counterparts. The EPA's ENERGY STAR certification program recognizes buildings that achieve a rating of 75 or better. Meaning, these building operate with in the top 25 percentile of all comparable buildings participating in the ENERGY STAR program. Prior to this year, the school division had a total of ten buildings recognized at least once as an ENERGY STAR certified building.

The following eleven schools are certified as 2010 ENERGY STAR buildings:

  • Schools receiving the award for the fourth year in a row:
    • Seaford Elementary
    • Queens Lake Middle
    • Burton High
  • Schools receiving the award for the third year in a row:
    • Mount Vernon Elementary
    • Grafton High/Middle
  • Tabb Middle receiving the award for the third time
  • Schools receiving the award for the second time:
    • Yorktown Elementary
    • Yorktown Middle
    • York High
  • Coventry Elementary receiving the award for the first time
  • The Extend Center receiving the award for the first time

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