Top Performer Award

ENERGY STAROwning a building that achieves top energy performance is a sign of good management, but owning a portfolio of buildings that achieves continuous improvement in energy performance demonstrates superior management and environmental leadership. In addition to a building-by-building comparison, ENERGY STAR examines the organization as a whole. ENERGY STAR partners who demonstrate continuous improvement organization-wide, not just in individual buildings, qualify for recognition as ENERGY STAR Leaders. YCSD has previously been recognized an ENERGY STAR Leader in reducing energy consumption: once for a 10 point reduction and once for a 20 point reduction. ENERGY STAR Leaders with an average rating of 75 or better organization-wide are recognized as Top Performers. This rating compares the totals of all building, from the most energy efficient to the least energy efficient. The York County School Division achieved an average ENERGY STAR portfolio rating of 89 for all buildings. This means that the division is in the top 11% of all school divisions participating in the ENERGY STAR program. The division is one of only thirty-five school districts in the nation to receive this award. Taken in its entirety, the division has earned the equivalent of the ENERGY STAR award given to individual buildings.

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