Going Green

New "Club Earth" aims to kick-start Tabb High's environmental impact.

By Kaitlyn Kimball | Tiger Times
February 2008

Photo by Breanne MerrittBirds swarm around birdseed covered pinecones. As they peck and gnaw at the multicolored seeds, peanut butter covers their small beaks. After adequately satisfying themselves with a meal, the birds depart, leaving a dozen barren pinecones hanging from the trees. This strange scene occurred not in a wildlife documentary, but in the trees located in the front lawn of Tabb High School.

This year, Tabb High School joined the worldwide bandwagon in becoming more environmentally conscious. The new organization, Club Earth, was started with the environment in mind. Headed by Ms. Terndrup and Mrs. Schmelzer, the group's goal is to inform as many students as possible about improving the environment and to spread this awareness throughout the school.

"We knew there were a lot of things we could do around our school to make it more environmentally friendly," said Senior Amara Betoney, a co-founder of the group. The bird feeder project, the group's first environmental endeavor, accomplished just that.

The creation of the bird feeders was aimed at providing struggling birds with nutrients in the cold winter months. Over 20 new members dedicated their time to rolling over a dozen pine cones in peanut butter and then in bird seed. Next, the group proceeded to hang the bird feeders from the trees in front of the school.

"I think the bird feeder project was a success because it called attention to our club, and it was a good effort in helping the birds," said Senior Haley Tapfer, the additional co-founder of Club Earth. "The project accomplished our goal that we set when we created the club, which was to get students involved in helping the environment."

With increased media attention devoted to the cause of "going green," the world population is being exposed to countless informative stories and tips on how to maintain a healthy ecological balance. In hopes of informing a variety of people, the broadcasting corporation NBC kicked off their "Green is Universal" campaign on November 4th. The week long campaign consisted of incorporating "going green," (which means being environmentally conscious) in all of their shows. For instance, on the show "Bionic Woman," the plot of the episode on November 7th consisted of the main character Jamie encountering her enemies at an environmental awareness gala that she attended.

It is with these creative ideas in mind that the founders of Club Earth plan their future projects.

"Our future goals consist of placing recycling bins in every classroom, raising money for orphaned children in Jamaica, and distributing canvas "eco friendly" bags to the student body," said Tapfer. "We also want to tie dye shirts for our members."

In December, Oprah Winfrey aimed to draw attention to the environmental cause by devoting an entire day to "going green", distributing an eco friendly canvas hand bag to every individual audience member.

With over twenty already devoted members, Club Earth has created a following of environmentally conscious students that are ready to make a difference in the environment.

"The club is an excellent idea because it benefits the area and informs people," said Senior Jared Nesser. "It beautifies the school and the surrounding area."

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