New & Improved: Licensed Professional Development Program

As part of the division's efforts to make professional development as effective as possible and to respond to feedback from teachers, YCSD has revamped its licensed staff professional development program.

The new program:

  • Focuses on student learning and is aligned with school improvement goals
  • Provides teachers with more site-based opportunities for professional development and collaboration with peers
  • Fits sessions within the work day and teacher contract period

Key Components:

  • All professional development will be embedded into the contract period with the teacher start date beginning Monday, Aug. 24, 2009.
  • Summer Academy, Fall Workshops and online sessions will no longer be offered.
  • Licensed staff will participate in three days of professional development in August. One day will be designated for division-wide professional development activities; the other two days will be site-based. As has been the case in previous years, there will be a division pull-out day (Aug. 31).
  • Schools involved in division-directed professional development initiatives such as technology refurbishment, middle school block scheduling, elementary math model, etc. can use this training as part of their two-day site-based professional development.
  • The school division will continue to offer specialized professional development as needed for teachers who have unique content (e.g. art, music, PE, media specialists, etc.).
  • Teachers who miss all or part of their staff development must take leave, and teachers will be responsible for making up the content, not time.

Professional Development Key Dates:

  • Aug. 24: All teachers report
  • Aug. 24 - Sept. 3: School opening-prep days with two full days of site-based staff development
  • Aug. 27: Division-wide staff development - horizontal articulation
  • Nov. 3: Half-day site-based staff development for elementary; full-day site-based staff development for secondary staff
  • Nov. 11: Half-day site-based staff development for secondary only; elementary has parent conferences
  • Early dismissal days in January during exams - convert one of the three early dismissal days to 90 minute site-based staff development
  • Feb. 1, 2010: Half-day division-wide staff development for elementary and secondary staff

To see specifics:

Licensed Professional Development Plan
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