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YCSD School Board Notes - May 2016

I am writing to update you regarding the work of the School Board.


Financial Matters

Dennis Jarrett, chief financial officer, provided the Board with the superintendent’s recommended adjustments to the School Board’s Proposed FY17 Operating Budget. These adjustments are necessary to align with the operating revenue approved by the Board of Supervisors earlier this month. The Board of Supervisors has approved an operating budget which provides a .7% (seven tenths of one percent) increase in local funding ($365,000), which is $762,864 less in local funding than requested by the School Board.

The School Board Proposed Operating Budget included an average salary increase of 3% for all eligible staff. The 3% increase was comprised of the following items: (1) one current step for all eligible staff (2) one restored step for all eligible staff that have lost four steps, and (3) a .6% (six tenths of one percent) increase in the teacher pay scale. Also, included in the Board proposed budget were several state and federal mandated costs which cannot be eliminated or reduced. The recommendation that the Board will vote on next week will include the current step for all eligible staff and the .6% increase in the teacher pay scale, it will not include the restored step.

The Board and superintendent consider employee compensation a top priority and are proud to provide a salary increase for all eligible staff for the fourth consecutive year. While we were not able to address compression this year, it will remain a priority for future fiscal years.

Operational Matters

School Start Times

Dr. James reviewed information from previous discussions related to school start times. The division is still in the midst of the procurement process to conduct research and community education on the topic of school start times. The Board discussed the need to gather more community feedback on this topic and will consider options for conducting a survey of parents, students and staff.

Breakfast and Lunch Meal Prices

The School Board received information regarding the need to increase meal prices for breakfast and lunch prices to meet federal requirements. Based on the current meal prices and the federal requirements, the recommendation is to adjust prices by 10 cents for the 2016-17 school year. No adjustments are being made to reduced meal prices.

Academic Matters

The board also received information regarding building capacity and instructional capacity and how the division determines those numbers. Building capacity is a term typically used to reflect the number of students who can be effectively enrolled in a building at a certain point in time. The division calculates building capacity using a methodology developed by a consultant from Virginia Tech, and updates the capacity upon completion of permanent additions to a building.

Instructional capacity reflects the number of students who can be enrolled in a school under the current program of instruction. Any change in mandated programs or educational practices impacts the stated capacity of a building. Factors that have impacted instructional capacity at the elementary level since the buildings were constructed include such changes as the addition of computer labs, increases in student enrollment in pre-school, special education, reading services, and Limited English Proficiency programs. These services are often provided as pull-out services which utilize additional classroom space.

In order to develop a more accurate picture of the instructional capacity of elementary schools, staff developed calculations to include the total number of classrooms in a building minus classrooms used for resource classes (art, music, computer labs, magnet programs, self-contained classrooms) as well as pull-out services to determine the number of rooms available for K-5 classroom instruction.

We held a wonderful employee recognition banquet last week celebrating our retirees, our Teachers of the Year, and employees who have achieved 25 years of service with the division. Photos from the evening are available for you to view online at flickr.com/ycsd_va. I also want to take a moment to wish all our retirees the best of luck in their future plans. I hope you have a chance to thank them personally for their service to our students and our community.

With just a few weeks left in the school year, I thank you on behalf of the school board for your support of our students and schools. Their success is dependent on our teamwork.


Robert W. George, D.D.S.
School Board Chair
On Behalf of the York County School Board

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