York County School Division Strategic Plan

Goal 3: Recruitment & Retention

Objective: Support & Retention

  • The division will provide new employees with effective support, as measured by end-of year surveys of new employees. Milestones relating to the target level of support and/or growth in support will be developed for FY14 and subsequent years.

    • The HR "New Employee Evaluation" survey is sent based on a list of all new staff hired effective July 1, 2013. Employees are asked to rate 11 measures.

  • At least 60% of departing employees will participate in an exit interview or survey and the division will use the data from the interviews and surveys to inform efforts to retain staff.

    • 68% of 122 exit surveys sent were returned

      • Licensed 62% (53 of 85)
      • Non-Licensed 81% (30 of 37)

    • Survey Results Revealed

      • 31% of separations were retirements (26)
      • Reasons for leaving other than retirement
        • Licensed: Relocation (13), Personal/Family Obligation (7), and Equivalent Position in another Virginia Division (6)
        • Non-Licensed: Relocation (4), Personal/Family Obligation (4), and Employment Outside Education (4)

  • The division will contribute to the retention and support of instructional staff, principals, and assistant principals through an evaluation system focused on collaboration, student progress, formative observation, and feedback.

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