2010-2011 Professional Development Evaluation Synopses
Instructional Trainers

100% agreed/strongly agreed that the three sessions were powerful professional growth experiences. The three sessions were Instructional Strategies for Rigor and Relevance, Engaging Strategies for 21st Century Learning, and Authentic Performance Assessments.

Mentor Teachers

100% of mentor teachers agreed/strongly agreed that they were adequately trained to serve as mentors.

63% of new teachers hired in 2011-2012 felt that having a mentor contributed to making their first year successful.

Classroom Teachers

A variety of targeted professional development took place, including sessions for new teachers, special education teachers, and optional online sessions on a variety of technology tools.

85% agreed/strongly agreed that the Division-wide keynote and professional development on August 26, 2010 was a valuable professional growth experience.

79% agreed/strongly agreed that the January 28, 2011 session focused on looking at student work was a valuable professional growth experience.


100% of assistant principals agreed /strongly agreed that professional development provided at administrative meetings was valuable to their professional growth.

87% of administrators agreed/strongly agreed that Leadership Academy 2010 was a powerful professional growth experience, and 85% of principals and assistant principals agreed/strongly agreed that the session provided strategies and techniques they could use with their staff.

100% of elementary and secondary principals agreed/strongly agreed that principal meetings provided valuable professional growth experiences.