York County School Division Strategic Plan

Recruit, Support, Train

Updated October 2011

2. The York County School Division will recruit, hire, retain and support a diverse staff whose members meet the highest standards for their jobs.

• By March 2010, staff will assess current recruitment, hiring and retention practices and develop a plan for enhancing these practices.

• In spite of continued declining state and federal revenue, employee benefit levels were again maintained for the 2011-12 year without increasing the level of employee contributions. According to 2010-11 VEA Insurance Coverage and Employee Benefits Survey results for the state, the York County School Division (YCSD) medical insurance coverage exceeds the state average in every in-network policy provision as well as funding % of medical premiums paid by employer.
• Revised Flexible Scheduling Regulations for licensed and non-licensed employees now provide that employees, with their administrators' approval, may use flexible scheduling for medical or personal business requiring an absence of two hours or less on a nonrecurring basis.
• Beginning in the 2011-12 school year, admission charges were waived for Division employees attending regular season athletic contests hosted by YCSD Middle Schools. This is in addition to the waiver of admission to YCSD High School regular season athletic contests which was instituted in 2010-11.
• Recruiting materials and displays were redesigned to modernize the presentation and to incorporate the use of technology in order to reduce production costs of the materials and to enable interested candidates to easily and remotely learn more about YCSD.
• The revised Personal Business Leave Procedure Regulation now provides that employees seeking donations of Personal Business Leave may request that their name be disclosed in the request notice which is distributed to schools and administrators. Exempt and nonexempt employees were allowed to flex up to one day of non-instructional time for attendance at their child's or dependent's high school graduation ceremony.

• All staff will participate annually in a high-quality professional development program that supports the goals of the strategic plan.

• A variety of professional development was provided to non-licensed staff members, including para-educators, custodians, bus drivers and nurses. During the 2010-11 school year, a total of 43 professional development sessions were held for non-licensed staff members. In addition, a new course in the use of technology was offered by the Lifelong Learning Center.
• In 2010-2011 the concept of leadership was expanded to include teacher leaders along with principals, assistant principals and central office staff as part of Leadership Academy.
• In 2010-2011 division-level professional development continued to build a shared understanding of rigor, relevance and student engagement including the use of structured protocols to examine student work.
• In 2010-2011 targeted groups, including school-based administrators, School Board Office administrators, instructional trainers, mentor teachers and classroom teachers, participated in Division-level professional development.
• In 2010-2011 school leadership teams developed school-based professional development plans that align with the Strategic Plan and support unique instructional and learning needs in each building.

• The compensation package for licensed staff will move into the top three of the local comparator market of 9 school divisions by July 1, 2013, and will remain in the top three in subsequent years.

Based on FY12 salary scale data:
• 14 of 31 steps on the Bachelor's Pay Lane meet the FY12 milestone of a rank of 4 or better. In comparison with FY11 data, 6 additional steps met or exceeded the milestone.
• 19 of 31 steps on the Master's Pay Lane meet the FY12 milestone of a rank of 4 or better. In comparison with FY11 data, 8 additional steps met or exceeded the milestone.
• 30 of 31 steps on the Master's + 30 Pay Lane meet the FY12 milestone of a rank 4 or better. In comparison with FY11 data, the same number of steps met or exceeded the milestone.


Year Rank
FY 11 Rank of 5 or better
FY 12 Rank of 4 or better
FY 13 Rank of 4 of better
FY 14 Rank of 3 or better

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