AYP Unmet Benchmarks 2010-2011 School Year
(Based on 2009-2010 Data)


Subject Area



Division Level English Performance   Disadvantaged (80%) LEP (76%) SWD (69%)  
  OAI (FGI - 4 year)*       SWD (39%) Math Performance made R10 (78%) missed OAI-FGI
Magruder Elem. English Performance   Disadvantaged (75%)     Title I: Targeted Assistance
Yorktown Elem. English Performance Black (80%) Disadvantaged (79%)     Not Title I
Grafton Middle Math Performance   Disadvantaged (73%)     Not Title I
Queens Lake Middle English Performance Black (75%) Disadvantaged (72%)     Not Title I
Tabb Middle English Performance       SWD (65%) Not Title I
Yorktown Middle English Performance   Disadvantaged (74%)   SWD (57%) Not Title I
English 81%   OAI = Other Academic Indicator  
Math 79%      
OAI Attendance 94%      
OAI Graduation 80%   *The AMO for graduation was previously set at 61% and the formula for calculating the graduation rate changed this year.