York County School Division Strategic Plan

Recruit, Support, Train

2. The York County School Division will recruit, hire, retain and support a diverse staff whose members meet the highest standards for their jobs.

• By March 2010, staff will assess current recruitment, hiring and retention practices and develop a plan for enhancing these practices.

• Even though state revenue to the Division in FY11 was projected to decline by $7.7 million, a budget was proposed and implemented that avoided layoffs.
• In spite of declining state revenue, employee benefit levels were maintained without increasing the level of employee contributions.
• The Inclement Weather Policy was revised and approved. The policy now states that employees will not be charged pre-planned leave when schools/facilities are closed for inclement weather.
• Admission charges were waived for Division employees attending regular season athletic contests hosted by YCSD schools.
• A new Voluntary Employee Benefits vendor was procured to reduce costs and provide additional services to employees.
• Recruiting, hiring and retention practices were reviewed and many procedures were revised. Chapter 7, pertaining to Human Resources, was reviewed, revised and submitted to the Board for consideration.
• Mentor teachers were trained to provide positive supports to new teachers in an effort to increase teacher retention. Survey data indicated a need to provide further support, and the program includes mentor support from School Board Office personnel as well for 2010-11.

• All staff will participate annually in a high-quality professional development program that supports the goals of the strategic plan.

• A variety of professional development was provided to non-licensed staff members, including para-educators, custodians, bus drivers and nurses.
• Division-level professional development was designed to build a shared understanding of rigor, relevance and engagement.
• Participants in Division-level professional development used structured protocols to examine student work in order to increase rigor and level of engagement.
• Targeted groups participated in Division-level professional development: including, school-based administrators, School Board Office administrators, instructional trainers, mentor teachers and classroom teachers.
• School leadership teams developed school-based professional development plans to support unique instructional and learning needs in each building.

• The compensation package for licensed staff will move into the top three of the local comparator market of 9 school divisions by July 1, 2013, and will remain in the top three in subsequent years.

Based on FY11 salary scale data:
• 21 of 31 steps on the Bachelor's Pay Lane meet or exceed the FY11 milestone of a rank 5 or better. In comparison with FY10 data, 3 additional steps met or exceeded the milestone.
• 20 of 31 steps on the Master's Pay Lane meet or exceed the FY11 milestone of a rank 5 or better. In comparison with FY10 data, 5 additional steps met or exceeded the milestone.
• 30 of 31 steps on the Master's + 30 Pay Lane meet or exceed the FY11 milestone of a rank 5 or better. In comparison with FY10 data, 2 additional steps met or exceeded the milestone.


Year Rank
FY 11 Rank of 5 or better
FY 12 Rank of 4 or better
FY 13 Rank of 4 of better
FY 14 Rank of 3 or better

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